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Checklist 7 Steps To Stop Sugar Cravings}

Submitted by: Diana Walker

Everyone has a craving at one time or another for some type of food. While having a craving is not a bad thing, in and of itself, what it leads to can cause stress and strain on the body that leads to disease and illness. One such craving is that for sugar.

To many people, sugar seems rather harmless but further research will show that it is a dangerous substance that causes havoc on the body. Sugar is a major craving for many people. With that said, how does one stop a sugar craving so that it does not get out of hand?

1. Stevia – The main thing you can do is not use sugar. If you dont enjoy unsweetened foods, add a touch of the sweet herb Stevia or agave nectar to cereal or drinks. These are both very good all natural substitutes for sugar and they taste good too.

2. Protein – Sometimes when your body craves sweets it is a cry for something else, like protein. So try increasing your protein intake. Keep in mind that this is not true for everyone so, if having a bit of tuna or other protein does not help, then you need to consider other options.

3. Processed Carbs – Avoid processed carbohydrates. Items like white bread, white pasta, and white rice which are quickly converted to blood sugar, disrupt the bodys metabolic balance and fat-control systems. Processed carbs tend to make the body want something sweet and keeps it hungry as well.

4. Wait 10 Minutes – When a craving hits, wait about 10 minutes. While you wait, do something else like take a walk, grab a magazine and read that article you have been meaning to read, make a phone call and jabber for a few moments; do anything but grab those sweets.

5. Eat Whole Foods – Eat more whole foods. Fruit and vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains contain some naturally occurring sugars, but they also offer dietary fiber and important nutrients to help balance blood sugar.

6. Substitute Whole Fruits for Sweets – Substituting whole fruits for sweets really helps. The sugars in fruits are digested differently than the empty calories of white sugar that are in most sweet foods. The fiber in fruit also slows the absorption of the sugars so you don’t get as high a sugar rush followed by a low sugar crash.

7. Remove Temptations – Remove the temptations for your kitchen. Throw out all refined sugars, candies, cookies, pastries, artificial juices and anything that resembles sweets that are not whole and natural.

Sugar cravings are not good and in no way should one think that they are ok. However, you dont have to beat yourself up if you are having a hard time getting rid of your craving.

Cravings are not easy to overcome. As with any addiction it is a process. However, if you want to rid your body and mind of any craving, it can be done. Your job is to take it one day, one step at a time and to just do it. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need and dont just read it but apply it to your life as well.

About the Author: Are cravings for sugar, salt, junk food, sodas, and coffee running your life? Are you tired and foggy-brained? Need more energy, more mental clarity, less cravings for sugar? Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, Cravings Coach and CEO of Dianas Healthy Lifestyles

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Engineered Hardwood Floors}

Submitted by: Joshua Miller

Engineered hardwood flooring is made up of two main pieces. The top layer, which is portion that should look like real wood, and the core, which should be made from material that is long lasting, provides cushioning, soundproofing and is strong and durable to make the installation easy. The core material is usually fiber board or plywood, and is layered for strength to prevent cupping and warping. The bond between the core and the top layer must be well done. If not, the areas in which this engineered floor is installed may cause problems. The most damaging enemy of a laminated floor is moisture. If the bond between the core and the top is not perfect, moisture can find its way between the two materials and cause them to separate, making the ends bubble up and look terrible.

Installing engineered wood flooring is another area that must be carefully planned. Below ground installation of this type of flooring is one of the many advantages it provides. This type of flooring is becoming easier and easier to install. Even non-professionals may tackle this job with some of the new click together type products. The sub-flooring must be attended too with great detail during the installation of engineered flooring below grade. On a below grade installation, be sure to use a vapor barrier on top of concrete, before you install the substrate. The easiest type flooring to install is the floating floor that snaps together. Use a substrate that provides cushioning, noise deadening and does not require caustic glues.


The snap together or locking system that does not require nailing of any type, is one of the most popular engineered floors for the DIY installation today. Make sure you stagger the boards so that they are not symmetrical, as this provides for a more natural look. The most difficult part of the snap together installation is cutting ends, corners and angles correctly. Also, follow the manufacturers suggestions exactly when it comes to allowing for expansion and shrinkage. If you dont, you may get large gaps between boards when its dry, or the end pieces may jam together and cause a separation between the core and the top material, causing bubbling during moist and warm weather, as stated above.

Using a professional installer is definitely a good idea if you dont feel you are up to the job yourself. Because these floors are much easier to install, you may find a professional installation crew can do the job much faster, with the right tools, and at a very reasonable price. Most floor installation professionals can completely finish a job in two days or less. Be sure to get several estimates from different contractors, if possible. There is a definite advantage for the installation crew to know there are others bidding on the installation.

An additional benefit to engineered wood floors is its ability to be cleaned and maintained much easier that other flooring material. Very mild detergents and water in limited amounts cleans up most all dirt and spills with no problem. You dont want to get water in the joints of the panels if possible. A damp sponge and cloth definitely does the job. You dont have to wax these floors either. They are finished at the factory and will maintain their beauty with minimal care. Be sure to use rug runners in high traffic areas and take off any type of shoes that may cause dents and scratches, just as you would on any floor. Pets and their little toe nails dont have any effect on this type of floor, other than they seem to have a little harder time negotiating these relatively slippery surfaces.

When done properly, an installation of high quality engineered flooring can bring a lasting, comfortable, serviceable and beautiful addition to any home or business and provide a great return on your investment as well as a highly desirable selling feature.

About the Author: Joshua Miller is a contractor and builder who contributes articles to the internet to allow low cost do it yourself repairs. He has several internet sites on the subject.

Top Wood Floors


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Get Rid Of Ailments Through Remedial Massage

Submitted by: Brian Goodwin

A remedial massage is another term for a deep tissue massage that is done to help the body return to a state of optimal health. This form of massage is usually done in order to treat a person who has been injured, and it is extremely effective against strains and sprains.

There is great demand for skilled practitioners of this form of massage because it is usually very effective in the treatment of injuries that do not respond well to the usual forms of medical treatment. A remedial massage is used in lots of circumstances where the person is advised against taking too much pain medication or anti inflammatory drugs. These massages are especially effective in the case of sports injuries, but they are also used for people who have had traumatic injuries and also for the elderly.

This is a very important field and it is growing in relevance since increasing numbers of people prefer therapeutic massages as a method of getting relief from injuries. A well trained remedial therapist can offer a wide range of massages apart from just sports massages. As a matter of fact, this form of massage, also called Myotherapy can be used to prevent injury as well.


This form of massage helps the body tremendously by increasing the blood flow in the body. The immediate result of this is that it helps to keep the entire system healthy by enabling nutrition to be provided to all parts of the body. This also helps to achieve lymphatic drainage, especially from the injured area. Lymphatic drainage is essential in order to get toxins and impurities moving so that they can be eventually removed from the body. Parts of the body that have a lot of inflammation usually have a lot of toxins, and a skilled massage therapist can help remove them.

A good massage is also essential to reduce swelling and inflammation in joints without the aid of any medicines. It is also used to help rectify joint problems by relaxing the muscles around the joints that are injured or dislocated. A good massage therapist can also strengthen the muscles and this is essential in order to prevent further recurrences of the problem.

Many people also use this treatment in order to get freedom pain, especially in chronic conditions. Painkillers have limited effect, especially when the problem is a long lasting one. Regular Myotherapy helps in the relief of pain in two important ways. Firstly, it reduces tensions and spasms in the muscles that are the root cause of this pain. In addition, it also helps to repair and soothe nerves that have been damaged due to any injury or illness.

There are many places that offer remedial massages these days, thanks to the growing demand for this type of treatment. You first have to make sure that the place you visit is certified and that it has well trained massage therapist. You should also try and speak to people who have undergone treatment there before you sign up for treatment.

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Your Dream Dental Package With Dental Plans Florida

By Joe Sand

Dental plans offer affordable and simple to operate alternatives against dental insurance for individuals and families. The dental plans Florida hold the promise of conserving money on almost all types of dental care. However, in comparison to conventional dental insurance, these plans are less expensive, do not involve any waiting tenure, don’t have yearly benefit restrictions, and amazingly enough, cover every preceding dental state.

These dental plans are authentic and this is testified by the inclusion of many millions of Americans, who save cash with these plans annually. The accumulated buying power of the dental plans functions as a purchasing club and the bargaining power of a big subscription base ensure a reduced dental charge for its subscribers. The dentists are profited from the greater number of patients even while charging low rates as their fixed expenses like staff wages and clinic rent and insurance do not change and are met by the revenue generated monthly.

Subscribers to the dental plan have the advantage of obtaining dental facilities at reduced rates. The cutbacks are awarded by dental department when service is provided so it does not require filing of any claim applications or indemnifications to be given to dental agency in contrast with dental insurance. This implies reduced management costs on the part of dental plan firm which keeps the charge of dental scheme fellowship much lower than that of customary dental insurance.


The Careington Plan, with more than 8 million subscribers across the nation, ranks among the earliest and biggest in America. With its expertise and huge membership following, Careington has evolved amongst the biggest dental supplier organization in the business, while incurring few of the minimal dental costs for its associates. The cost of dental plans with discount is usually only one-third compared to common dental reimbursement plans and is used by numerous Americans. The primary drawback of this plan is that subscribers have to utilize a collaborative plan dentist with regard to entire services.

The Careington plan has low monthly charges of nearly 7 dollars for a single person and about 16 dollars for whole family with a 10% rebate for annual payments. The dental plans with discount in Florida confer rebates on various dental processes like braces and dentures, teeth whitening and X-rays besides other treatments. Medicaid is available in Florida which looks after the extensive dental requirements of qualified children below 21 involving preventive aid and sealants as well as orthodontics and dentures too. It covers adults only in emergency circumstances. The annual subscription of Solistice Plus Program 1 is 134.95 dollars while the Alliance HealthCard costs 144.95 dollars annually.

All inhabitants of Florida are qualified for dental plans Florida, without any age restrictions and your better half and dependent kids can be joined in accordance with Florida regulations. Encore dental program covers people from 18 to 99 years and costs may be lower than 1 dollar daily, though not a strictly discount scheme. The rebate dental plans of Florida may provide savings from 10-60%.

About the Author: visit


compare Dental plans

from over 100,000 participating dentists in more than 30 combined regional and national dental networks now!


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Asset Management Resume

Asset Management Resume


John Martins

Asset management resume

An asset management job profile includes managing the physical asset of a company. The role of an asset manager includes inspecting, maintaining, renewal and selecting the right resource for the company. It is the art of making the right decision at the right time. It is all about cost management and making the business move ahead taking into consideration all the critical business factors and business risk. Any person under whose observation lays the business growth of a company is a very important person for the organization. The brand management resumes, bank management resume, assistant property management, asset management resume or of business management resume though looks same profile but their resumes have distinctive difference.

Some suggestions to write asset management resume along with qualifications for the same

An asset management resume should start with the name and full address of the candidate who has to apply for the job. His email id and contact number also has to be mentioned clearly

Next comes the objective of the asset manager. His objective must reflect the desire to attain a management position in a company and must show his management and leadership skills to maintain the constant growth and progress of the company. Remember to always back up the objective, it means that the objective must be true and sound realistic

Next the summery of the resume has to be mentioned well. The summery will include the skills and experience that the candidate has gained so far in his professional career


Next the skill of the person has to be written in brief:

oA person applying for an asset management position must have strong managerial and negotiating power

oHe must have the ability to be flexible in working in various teams and adjust to different working atmosphere

oHe must have good knowledge regarding managing wealth of a company

oHis communication power has to be very good and preferably must have good command over the English language

oHe must have the ability to manage client effectively

oHis knowledge regarding the legal matters must be very good

oHe must hold good command over the taxation knowledge

oAn engineering knowledge is also well required for the above position

oAs asset manager has to interact with big corporate owners to fix in financial deals, so he must be well aware of the financial situation of the globe round

After the skills next comes the education qualification of the asset manager. The qualifications must always be from the latest in descending order

After the qualification his experience has to be mentioned. Along with the experience and the number of years that one has served in the company the role play also has to be mentioned. The role play must be proved by documents that have to be provided later in interview

Apart from role play one must also write the responsibilities that one has under take in the company

It should be noted that the responsibilities must be proved in the interview later. So write stuffs which are real and not fake

The above are the main text of a resume, below this certificates, hobbies and the preferred place for working has to be mentioned too. If you have any reference then that can be added too.

John Martin runs his website and provides important information on How to get success on

Sample Management Resumes

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Norha Pneumatic Portable Construction Air Compressors

NORHA Pneumatic Portable Construction Air Compressors



Recently the CP pull behind trailer Pneumatic air compressors have received an upgrade. A well known, well respected brand in the industry for years there are now 4 models which complete the line. The new models are the CPS 90, CPS 185, CPS 375 & CPS 750.

As you might have already assumed the numbers indicate air delivered in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) and even the smallest unit at 90 CFM can power multiple tools at once. The CPS portable compressor series are all built for reliability, easy maintenance and flexibility in mind. Each unit features easy to operate curbside controls and noise reducing enclosures.

Each of the CPS pull behind compressors allow you to configure different options such as hose reels, after coolers, block heaters, tool boxes and much more. On the available options with pricing will be displayed with each unit.

NORHA Pneumatic is also one of the world leaders in manufacturing a wide range of heavy duty construction equipment designed to run off these compressors including demolition breakers, concrete saws, chipping hammers & rock drills.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Construction Distribution Magazine and report on some of the new products that were featured at the STAFDA trade show. In total there were 6 of us “Roving Reporters” and it was interesting to see the different products that were mentioned in the article. I personally could have gone on forever with so many new products, if only I had the time and patience, there were easily 100 products which should have been mentioned.


Some of the products highlighted in the article are: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Tools, Spyder Scraper, Recipro Tools, Ridgid MicroExplorer, Malco TurboShear FC, Bosch Laser Levels, Dremel Multi-Max, CP Hydraulic Power Pack, Wright University Online Courses, Bosch Laser Range Finder, Concrete Destroyer from DiTeq Diamond, Joy Jaw saw guards, Grill-N-Chill tailgate BBQ, Gear Keeper Tethered products, Bosch PS50 Multi-X and portable CO2 tank from JacPac.

The New line of NORHA Pneumatic Rivet Busters replaces the previous models of CP4181 Duler, Duser, Puler and Puser. Some of the key features of the new CP4608 & CP4611 models are listed below.

– Auto Stop System – reduces sleeve breakage & cylinder wear

– Solid Pin on Valve – eliminated valve misalignment

– 1/2″ Pipe Thread inlet bushing – swivel can install into bushing

– Longer Piston – hit the steel but not the bridge. Retainer spring will break before cylinder.

– New Rubber Bumpers – 90 durometer rubber recommended

– Teasing Throttle – smooth performance & easy operation

– Florescent Band C an added safety feature for night crews and other applications

– CPS – Indicates when the bumper is worn out and needs replaced

This is a great event for any one buying tools or just wanting to test out the new tools! Ohio Power Tool, already known for low internet competitive pricing, really blows it out for the tent sale. Lots of existing products are discounted for that day in addition to overall discounts given on all in-store orders. On top of the Ohio Power Tool discounts the vendors on hand have even more discounts in the form of promotions, instant rebates, free tools, tool trade-ins.

I’m sounding like a used car salesman now but it is definitely worth checking out if you want to get some really good deals on power tools or just get your hands on some of the new tools.

Rivet Buster are extremely powerful Pneumatic tools able to hit as hard as a 60 lb. paving breaker but with half the weight. These tools are ideal for bridge work and meet the necessary requirements for bridge deck repair. These CP tools have many other uses as well from general demolition work or specialty applications such as removing underground storage tanks. is engineered for high performance,In addition to pioneering design, high-impact technology, and durability, our


means customer can buy


from us.

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Before You Install Hardwood Floors…

By Christopher Smith

When installing solid hardwood floors you should be careful to avoid installing them directly onto concrete slabs or below ground level because of moisture problems that may result. The problem with moisture is that it leaves unsightly gaps in the hardwood once it dries, typically during the winter months when heating tends to draw the moisture out of homes. During summer months when humidity and moisture are high you should notice that the wood once again expands, sometimes so much so that the wood planks may buckle or cup. Because of these issues you should also take great care to leave plenty of room for seasonal expansion.

For these types of floors, nail down installations tend to work best and regular care, maintenance, and refinishing can prolong the life of your floors. Typical hardwood floor material includes: ash, maple, red oak, and white oak.


Hardwood floors are usually divided into one of three categories being plank flooring, strip flooring and parquet flooring. Parquet style hardwood floors are also known as parquetry, and this is when the smaller pieces of timber are arranged in a geometrical fashion. The timber used can be all the same or different to create a more colorful effect. Hardwood floors that are laid in the strip flooring style are between 5/16 and of an inch thick and 1 to 2 inches wide. Strip flooring is common in the bamboo hardwood floors that are popular today. The third style of flooring is the plank, and each board is anywhere from three to eight inches in width. This is a more traditional, heritage style flooring, but is also still a popular choice today.

If you would like a truly unique floor, consider hand-scraped hardwood floors. The crafting of these floors is considered by practitioners to be an art form. These floors work fabulously whether you are going for an ultra modern look or a rustic look so they should work in almost any dcor. One word of caution, if you wish you to have hand-scraped hardwood floors in your home you should be prepared to pay a pretty penny for them. There are however machine made floors that have the look of hand scraping. These floors offer the look of hand-scraped floors at a more budget friendly price. Either way you will have a very nice floor in your home.

Each brand of hardwood flooring should come with its own care and washing suggestions. It is important to follow these for your specific hardwood flooring, regardless of what other people do. It is a great idea to vacuum the floor regularly to prevent a buildup of grime in the spaces between the boards, and try to use mats and rugs wherever possible.

Buying specially designed skid protectors for your furniture is also important, and if you do have a spill, it is best to wipe it up straight away so you don’t damage the finish on the hardwood floors.

About the Author: For more information on hardwood flooring, visit us at



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The Mysterious Truffle

Submitted by: Jane Roseen

Truffles are well-known as some of the most delectable chocolate treats available. But they are such a delicacy that they were shrouded in mystery for many years. These tempting treats are exquisite in variety of both taste and settings in which to enjoy them.

For the most basic of explanations, chocolate truffles typically are a thin shell of powdered chocolate with a soft center. They can vary widely from there, but that is a basic truffle.

The outer layer is most often couverture chocolate, which contains at least 32 percent cocoa butter. This is much higher than most eating and baking chocolate, and allows for a wonderfully smooth, shiny, even surface. This couverture chocolate is available in all varieties, including white, milk, and dark, allowing for variety in truffle coatings.


The center is called ganache, which is a mixture of chocolate and cream. The exact balance between the two determines the creaminess and texture of the center. More cream, and it s a smoother, softer truffle center. Less cream, more chocolate, and it s a firmer, coarser truffle.

In addition, the ganache can be flavored with a variety of items to create a new taste altogether. Some of the perennial favorites include nuts, essential extracts, and liqueurs. These add an entirely new dimension to the truffle, and allow for even more discussion as to what makes the perfect truffle.

The question that always pops up when viewing a truffle what kind is it? Without being so gauche as to stick one s finger in the center like a child, you can usually tell what kind of truffle is in front of you from the outer coating. The predominant flavor of the truffle usually decorates the top of the outer coating. For example, apricot truffles have a small sliver of apricot on the top. Or praline truffles have a small praline or bits of praline on the outer layer. So never again wonder what you might get when you bite in!

Historically, truffles were solely for the rich. The time and effort that goes into the making of a truffle by hand just priced them beyond the reach of many common people. Truffles therefore became known as a very special treat with dessert.

However, with the advent of many automated manufacturing processes, almost anyone can enjoy the exquisite pleasure of chocolate truffles. They serve as a wonderful centerpiece to a collection of candies on a buffet, pair delightfully with after-dinner coffee, and even freeze beautifully to take along on a picnic and thaw as the day progresses.

So next time you have a craving for chocolate, consider trying truffles. You won t be disappointed in these delicate morsels, and will likely wonder why you didn t have some on hand before this!

About the Author: Jane S. Roseen is the Owner and President of Harmony Sweets, an international gourmet chocolate shop. Harmony Sweets’ mission focuses on individual consumers purchasing gourmet chocolates from around the world for their friends and relatives, as well as corporate gift giving. visit


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How To Resolve Bad Superblock At Error Message In Sun Solaris}

How to resolve BAD SUPERBLOCK AT Error Message in Sun Solaris


simpson Raid

Superblock in UNIX operating system consists of important information about the file system and behavior tuning parameters. Corruption in superblock mainly occurs due to file system corruption, unexpected system, virus infections, and more. Two major hazards of superblock corruption are unmountable hard drive and data inaccessibility. For complete access of data in such circumstances, you will need to restore the data from an updated backup. But, in case of absence of an updated backup, you will need to use advanced Sun Solaris Intel Recovery Software that can recover your data.

Consider a practical scenario, where you encounter the below error message when you boot your system:


After the above error message appears, the hard drive data becomes inaccessible. In addition, you encounter the same error message even when the FSCK command attempts to check and repair the file systems at the boot time.



The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is the corruption in superblock.


To troubleshoot and resolve the above error message and access the hard drive data, you will need to take below actions:

Firstly, you need to run the FSCK command manually and try to boot the system.

If the problem persists, then you will need to use alternate superblock.

However, if both the above actions fail to resolve your issue and the data still remains inaccessible, then you will need to reinstall Sun Solaris operating system. A clean reinstall of Sun Solaris will erase all the formally saved data from the hard drive partition or volume. To recover the data after formatting the hard drive, you will need to use powerful Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software to recover the lost data.

Such Sun Solaris Intel Recovery tools employ high end scanning methods to recover your lost files and folders. With highly interactive user interface and advanced features, these tools are easy to understand without any prior technical understanding. These recovery tools provide complete recovery of the lost data after FSCK command is unable to repair the system data structures.

Stellar Phoenix (Solaris – Intel) software is a feature rich Sun Solaris Intel Data Recovery tool that recovers data from Solaris operating system on Intel platform. This read only recovery tool supports UFS file systems. It gets installed on Windows (XP, 2003, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95) and the affected UNIX hard drive should be connected as slave.

Simpson has 6 Years of Experience in the Software Technology field working as a freelancer with Stellar which offers

data recovery services


ipod recovery


sun solaris data recovery

software for more than 10 years.

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How to resolve BAD SUPERBLOCK AT Error Message in Sun Solaris

Understand The Various Aspects Of Term Life Insurance Rates}

Understand the various aspects of Term Life Insurance Rates


Comm Creative

The safety is a basic need of every man living on this planet of ours. The sense of safety and security makes a person more confident about himself and he starts enjoying his life in an increasing manner. The safety measures vary form man to man and from place to place as the living conditions are not same everywhere. However, there is no confusion about the importance and need of these insurance policies in the life of the human beings. The term life insurance policies are the need of the hour and are playing a great role in providing safety and security in the life of the common man.


However, the different policies related with life insurance are very complicated by nature and therefore, you need to know many things about them. Most of these policies cover certain risks against your life and your property. The basic idea about these life insurance policies depends upon the fact that these policies make a rich payment to the insured person and are very suitable for him. This payment comes at a time when the insured person either meets an accident or loses his life. In such a case, the insurance benefits are paid to the dependants of the insured person. However, in case he receives certain temporary or permanent disability, the policy takes his care in a different way and meets a lot of expense for him.

The term life insurance policies are slightly different from the other life insurance policies that are generally offered by the different countries. You must know that the term life insurance policies are applicable for certain period of time only that may vary from one year to thirty years. Another basic difference between the term life insurance policies and permanent policies is that these policies need to be renewed after each term and the policy carries no cash value for the next term. However, in some plans of the term life insurance policies, the policy carries huge bonus amount that is given to the dependants of the insured person after his death.

Whenever, you think about buying a term life insurance policy, you must make a through enquiry about certain things are very technical and you need to have proper information about them. You must know about the term life insurance rates with which the company is paying the claims as and when they are placed before them. There are lots of companies that offer term life insurance policies to the interested people. Most of these companies are available on the Internet as well. For more information, you can certainly visit their websites and retrieve the information that you have been looking for. It is very beneficial to make all your doubts about these term life insurance rates. Before buying any policy, you can select your option as there are many companies on the Internet and you can ask for their online quotes. These quotes are available almost instantly and you can look at them, compare them and then select the right kind of policy for you.

JohnY is the author of this article on Term Life Insurance Rates. Find more information about Life Insurance here.

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Understand the various aspects of Term Life Insurance Rates }

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