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Illuminate Your Lawns With Efficient Sprinkler Timers

Worried about the time and effort it takes to water your lawn or garden properly? You can put those worries at ease!Sprinkler timers offer a convenient, energy-efficient solution for maintaining your property’s landscape. These innovative devices, once seen only in large spaces like golf courses, are now a common household item. Whether it’s for a commercial property or a smaller backyard, setting the appropriate timer on your sprinkler can yield excellent results, thereby enhancing your property’s appeal and value.

Sprinkler timers are specifically designed to regulate the amount of water your landscape receives. As water resources become increasingly valuable, efficient irrigation is critical. Sprinkler timers are an excellent way to ensure optimum water usage, preventing water from being wasted while providing sufficient irrigation to your landscapes.

Different Types of Sprinkler Timers

There are various types of sprinkler timers available in the market today. From timer-controlled sprinklers to smart sprinklers that link up with your Smartphone, the market is teeming with options. These technological advances mean you can handle irrigation needs far more efficiently and with less hassle.

The most common type of sprinkler timer is a timer-controlled sprinkler. This device can be attached to the garden hose or installed directly in the sprinkler system. You decide when your sprinkler should start and stop watering – the timer does the rest of the work.

On the other hand, smart sprinklers are a more advanced type of sprinkler timer. They can be controlled through an app on your smartphone, allowing you to tailor irrigation schedules based on factors such as weather conditions and soil types. A smart sprinkler timer can save a significant amount of water, translating into cost savings on your water bill.

Why Choose Sprinkler Timers

Sprinkler timers offer a range of benefits. They remove the need for manual watering, instead setting a routine that operates without requiring your attention. They’re able to target specific zones during the most efficient times, such as early morning and late evening, thereby decreasing water loss due to evaporation. Also, with the increased awareness about water conservation, sprinkler timers play a crucial role in promoting sustainability. They’re not just convenient; they’re responsible.

Understanding Dural Irrigation

Dural Irrigation is a reputable name in the field of watering needs. Known for its comprehensive range of quality products and expertise, Dural Irrigation provides a selection of the best available sprinkler timers in the market. The company caters to different watering requirements, offering various models of sprinkler timers, including both timer-controlled and smart sprinkler timers.

Dural Irrigation not only provides high-quality sprinkler timers, but they also assist in the installation and provide after-sale services. Whether you are an experienced landscaper or a beginner gardener, Dural Irrigation can support you in all your irrigation needs. Their variety of sprinkler timers means that whether you’re looking for a simple timer-controlled system or a more advanced smart system, Dural Irrigation has you covered.


Investing in a sprinkler timer for your garden or lawn can save both time and water. They can automate your watering schedule, delivering the perfect amount of irrigation for your landscapes. Whether you’re running a commercial property or a small home garden, a sprinkler timer can transform the efficiency and effectiveness of your watering routine. Companies like Dural Irrigation are here to help guide you in the right direction and ensure you find the right solution for your landscape watering needs.

Your Guide To Kids Play Kitchen

Playing pretend is an integral component of early childhood development. It encourages creativity, enhances communication skills, and fosters an understanding of the social roles. A popular item in the world of make-believe is the play kitchen. Today, we delve into why a kid’s play kitchen can be a fun and educational asset in your child’s growth journey.

The Appeal of a Kid’s Play Kitchen

Kids are naturally curious beings, drawn to the activities they see adults indulge in, one of which is cooking. With a kids play kitchen, kids can mimic adult kitchen activities in a safe, controlled environment. They can pretend to cook up lavish meals, wash dishes, or go grocery shopping, all without the hazards associated with a real kitchen.

Benefits of a Play Kitchen

Not only are play kitchens heaps of fun, but they also provide a multitude of learning opportunities. Through role play, children can expand their vocabulary and improvisation skills. They’ll also get a basic understanding of cooking, increasing their self-reliance skills. Play kitchens encourage kids to learn and understand responsibilities like cleaning after oneself. Plus, with the innovative designs now available, play kitchens improve a child’s spatial navigation ability.

Play kitchens also enable kids to work on their social skills. Children can play out different scenarios, including hosting tea parties, inviting friends over for a pretend dinner, or playing coordinate restaurant games. These activities allow children to engage with others, understand taking turns, and learn the concept of sharing.

The Perfect Play Kitchen

When looking for the ideal kids play kitchen for your child, consider factors like size, material, complexity, and features. The size of the play kitchen should fit your allocated space comfortably. Most play kitchens are made of either wood or plastic. Wooden kitchens tend to last longer, while plastic ones are lighter and easier to clean.

The complexity of a play kitchen refers to how many appliances it harbours. Some have multiple appliances, like an oven, stove, microwave, and even a fridge. Others might just have a stove and a couple of pots. Your choice should depend on your child’s age and interest.

The features of a play kitchen often include things like sound effects, a running tap, storage space, and included play food. Some even have integrated learning games. The more features, the more stimulating it will be for a child, but also the higher the price.

The Kitchen Company Sydney Difference

If you’re in Australia and looking for a custom children’s play kitchen, the Kitchen Company Sydney can offer a delightful solution. Offering a range of designs to choose, the Kitchen Company Sydney specialises in creating wooden, realistic-looking children’s play kitchens. As a Kitchen Company Sydney play kitchen is designed with the child’s safety foremost, they use only non-toxic paint, smooth finishes, and comply with Australian safety standards. Thus, both fun and safety can be guaranteed with their beautifully crafted kids play kitchen.


A kids play kitchen can be more than just a toy; it can be a tool for learning and skill development. Whether you are considering a first play kitchen for your little one or looking to replace a well-loved playset, a play kitchen is an investment that will provide hours of entertainment. Discover the joy a play kitchen brings to your child’s playtime and development today!

The Real Estate Agent: A Key Player In Property Investment And Management

A real estate agent is a professional who helps individuals buy, sell, or rent properties. The significance of a real estate agent cannot be overstated in the property market. They don’t just mediate between buyers and sellers; they provide current insights into the real estate world, helping the client make informed decisions.

It is important to understand that the phrase ‘real estate agent‘ is a broad umbrella term covering several specialisations within the property industry, such as residential estate agents, commercial property agents, rural estate agents, and property managers. Each specialisation has its unique role and specific area of expertise required to function effectively.

Residential real estate agents typically deal with the buying or selling of personal homes, whereas commercial real estate agents specialise in business properties, including offices, retail spaces, warehouses, and more. Rural estate agents handle anything related to the countryside and farms while property managers take charge of managing a property for an owner that can’t or doesn’t want to do it.

One of the interesting facets of the real estate industry is the interplay between the different roles. Many real estate projects often require the input of different professionals in the field. For instance, the role of a rural estate agent in land acquisition is usually complemented with a quantity surveyor Sydney for cost analysis and budgeting. In other words, the work of a real estate agent is often interconnected with that of a quantity surveyor under the right circumstances.

A quantity surveyor Sydney, another key figure in the property market, provides independent, accurate, and reliable property and construction cost advice. They prepare feasibility studies to help the client understand their financial commitment and risk before the commencement of a project.

In the case of residential development in Sydney, having a quantity surveyor complements the job of a real estate agent. The agent helps find the perfect location for development, negotiates the price, and aids in the legal processes involved in acquiring the property. The quantity surveyor, on the other hand, provides cost estimates and advice that serves as an essential guide in planning, executing, and managing the project.

The integration between a real estate agent and a quantity surveyor Sydney creates an effective and efficient team in managing and executing property projects. Following the acquisition of a property, while the agent continues to provide valuable market insight regarding trends, rental income potential, among others, the quantity surveyor develops detailed cost plans, helping to avoid poor decisions that can lead to cost overruns, delay, and legal disputes.

Furthermore, for property owners engaged in selling or renting their properties, they can benefit significantly from the services of both a real estate agent and a quantity surveyor. The agent helps with property pricing, marketing, and negotiation with potential buyers or tenants, while the quantity surveyor provides a complete and accurate record of the property elements, critical in determining its final selling price or rental value.

In conclusion, the real estate agent’s role is pivotal and multi-faceted in the property industry. Working hand in hand with other professionals such as a quantity surveyor Sydney, they aid in navigating the property market, ensuring their clients obtain the best value for their money while minimizing potential risks and complications.

How To Cash In Savings Bond?

Savings bonds are a common form of investment, offering a safe and reliable long-term option for saving money and building wealth. They can serve as a means of financial security, helping individuals and families accumulate funds over time. However, there may come a point when you may wish to cash in your savings bond. In this article, we provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to cash in savings bonds to help you efficiently and effectively manage the process.

First, it’s crucial to note that the manner and place you’ll cash in your savings bond will significantly depend on the type of bond you own. For instance, you can cash Series I and EE bonds through financial institutions like banks, while Series H/HH and others typically have to be mailed to the Treasury Retail Securities Services to be cashed. In this respect, knowing the specific details of your savings bonds is step one.

Understanding if Your Bonds Have Matured

Before cashing in your savings bond, ascertain if it has reached maturity. Maturity dates vary and may range from as short as a few years to as long as thirty years, depending on the type of bond. Knowing the maturity period is crucial since cashing your savings bonds too early might lead to penalties or lost interest.

How to Cash in Savings Bond at a Bank?

In general, cashing a paper savings bond is relatively simple. You can cash a bond by visiting your local bank branch with your bond and a valid proof of identity. Note that some banks may require you to be an account holder while others might have restrictions on the amount you can cash if you are not a customer.

Once at the bank, you would need to sign your bond in the bank’s presence and fill the required forms. After verification, the funds from the bond will be deposited into your bank account or handed to you in cash. The exact process may vary based on the specific rules of the financial institution.

How to Cash in Electronic Savings Bond?

Cashing electronic savings bonds is virtually conducted online through the Treasury Direct website. After logging in to your account, navigate to the “ManageDirect” section and select “redeem securities.” Next, input the bond you want to cash and the savings account you’d like the money transferred to.

Processing times can vary, but it typically takes only one business day for the transaction to reflect in your account. This swift process is an example of the ‘Deposit Power‘ of electronic bonds, which are much more efficient and easier to manage compared to paper bonds. The Deposit Power also allows for quicker access to your funds, aiding in better cash flow management for your finances.

Taxes on Cashed-in Savings Bonds

Cashing your savings bonds is considered as income, and hence, it is taxable. It’s critical to understand your tax responsibilities when cashing in your bonds as you would need to report your earnings to the IRS by filing Form 1099-INT. Consider seeking professional tax advice or assistance to accurately manage the tax implications and avoid possible mistakes or penalties.


Consolidating your financial resources is an important move in managing your financial health, and knowing when and how to cash in your savings bond plays a crucial role in doing so effectively. Stick to the steps laid out in this guide to ensure a smooth process when the time is right to cash your bond. Remember, the authority in taking this step is you, and the Deposit Power greatly enhances your control over your financial liquidity.

Kids Modeling Agency Near Me: How To Get Your Child Started

For many parents, recognizing their child’s potential in acting, singing, or modeling can be the beginning of an exciting journey. Nonetheless, finding the right platform for your child to showcase his or her talent can be a bit strenuous a task, particularly when it’s the first attempt. One of the things you might consider is working with a child modeling agency.

The keyword you’re likely to search on numerous search engines is “kids modeling agency near me.” Checked around you yet? If not, it’s time we help get you on track.

There’s an impressive number of top-notch kids modeling agencies worldwide. Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, or any other major city, you will find one within your proximity that could just be the right match for your kid.

But first, what is a child modeling agency? This is a company that represents child models. A credible agency has an extensive network of contacts in various sectors of the entertainment and advertising industries, which helps them secure jobs for their models.

The Perks of Working With a Kids Modeling Agency

Partnering with a reputable child modeling agency can present a great deal of benefits. One major advantage is that the agency will handle all the business aspects of your child’s modeling career. From sourcing out auditions, sending out composite cards, to managing payments, the agency will handle all this, giving you peace of mind. Furthermore, they will guide you and your child through each step of the modeling process, potentially presenting many opportunities for growth and success in the industry.

Finding a ‘Kids Modeling Agency Near Me

Once you have decided that your child has what it takes to be a model, the next most important step is to find a reputable kids’ modeling agency. Your approach should be focused on finding one nearby.

Why near you? Firstly, staying local means avoiding unnecessary travel expenses – something that can quickly add up with multiple auditions, photoshoots, and gigs. It also ensures accessibility: it’s easier for you and your young model to visit the agency offices for meetings and planning sessions. Lastly, local agencies are likely to have extensive contacts within the local market. This could mean more job opportunities for your child, and the chance to begin building a strong local portfolio before exploring opportunities further afield.

Getting the right “kids modeling agency near me” will vastly depend on your location. For instance, if you’re in major towns like New York or Los Angeles, you’ll be spoiled for choice. The likes of NYMM (New York Model Management) or LA Models are set up specifically to cater to the rising talent in these bustling cities.

For those located outside major cities, don’t worry! Many agencies recognize the spread of talent and are constantly scouting everywhere. A simple internet search could reveal several reputable names on a local level. Remember to look out for genuine reviews and ratings that could help you identify the best fit for you and your kid.

With the number of good ‘kids modeling agency near me‘, finding one should be less daunting now. With the right agency, the dream of your child making it to the screens could come to fruition.

Word of Caution

While the search for the best kids modeling agency progresses, it is also important to be cautious. The industry, unfortunately, has a share of unscrupulous individuals. Look out for any agency that asks for ‘registration fees’ or asks you to use a specific photographer at exorbitant prices, as these are red flags.

Invest in your child’s career as a model wisely. Partner with a trustworthy child modeling agency and see your child blossom in the fashion and entertainment world.

Demolition Contractors Near Me

Whether you are a homeowner looking to tear down an old structure in your backyard or a construction company preparing for a large-scale project, finding reliable demolition contractors near me is essential. Hiring professionals ensures the job is done safely, efficiently, and in compliance with local regulations.

Why Hire Demolition Contractors?

Demolition work involves risks such as structural instability, hazardous materials, and potential damage to surrounding properties. It requires proper planning, expertise, and specialized equipment to ensure a successful outcome. By hiring experienced demolition contractors near me, you:

  • Minimize risks and accidents
  • Stay compliant with legal requirements
  • Save time and effort
  • Receive professional advice and guidance

Qualities of Reliable Demolition Contractors

When searching for demolition contractors near me, consider the following qualities to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Experience: Look for contractors with a proven track record and relevant experience in demolition projects similar to yours.
  • Licenses and Insurance: Ensure the contractors hold all necessary licenses and certifications, and carry adequate insurance coverage to protect both parties in case of accidents.
  • Expertise and Equipment: Verify the contractor’s expertise in handling the specific demolition requirements you have. They should have a wide range of modern equipment, including a tipper truck for hire, to efficiently carry out the job.
  • References and Reviews: Check for customer testimonials and reviews to gauge the reputation and reliability of the contractors you are considering.
  • Safety Measures: Inquire about the safety protocols and procedures the contractors follow to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Cost and Timeline: Obtain detailed quotes, making sure they include the cost of necessary equipment such as a tipper truck for hire, and an estimated timeline for completing the project.
  • Environmental Considerations: Assess the contractor’s approach to waste management and recycling to minimize the impact on the environment.

Finding Demolition Contractors Near Me

There are several ways to find reliable demolition contractors in your local area:

  1. Online Search: Use search engines and online directories to find demolition contractors near me. Read reviews and check their websites for more information about their services.
  2. Ask for Recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have previously hired demolition contractors. Their first-hand experiences can help you make an informed decision.
  3. Consult Building Inspectors or Architects: Local building inspectors or architects often work closely with reputable contractors and can provide valuable recommendations.
  4. Attend Trade Shows: Visit construction-related trade shows or industry events where you can meet contractors in person, discuss your project, and evaluate their capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Hiring reliable demolition contractors near me ensures that your demolition project is handled professionally, efficiently, and safely. Take the time to do thorough research, assess potential contractors’ qualifications, and obtain detailed quotes. By making an informed decision, you can ensure a successful demolition experience and a solid foundation for your future construction projects.

Digital Marketer The Key To Online Success

A digital marketer plays a vital role in today’s business landscape. With the rapid advancement of technology and the widespread use of the internet, businesses need to establish a strong online presence to stay ahead in the competitive market. This is where a digital marketer comes in.

A digital marketer is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns that promote a company’s products or services online. Their goal is to drive traffic, increase brand visibility, and generate leads or conversions for their clients. They utilize various strategies and techniques to achieve these objectives.

One of the first steps a digital marketer takes is to understand their client’s business, target audience, and goals. This helps them create a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with the client’s objectives. By conducting thorough market research, they identify the best channels to reach their target audience and craft engaging content that resonates with them.

In recent years, businesses in Newcastle have recognized the importance of digital marketing and the value it brings to their overall growth. As a result, the demand for the best digital agency Newcastle has been on the rise.

The best digital agencies in Newcastle combine their expertise in online marketing strategies with the latest technology and tools to deliver measurable results for their clients. They have a team of skilled professionals who are well-versed in various aspects of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more.

Partnering with the best digital agency Newcastle offers several advantages for businesses. Firstly, it allows them to tap into the vast online market and reach a wider audience. With the help of digital marketers, businesses can create compelling campaigns that attract, engage, and retain potential customers.

Secondly, digital marketers closely track the performance of campaigns and provide detailed reports on key metrics. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies for better results. They can identify what works and what doesn’t, allowing them to make adjustments in real-time to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

The best digital agency Newcastle also stays updated with the latest trends and technologies in the digital marketing industry. They monitor the ever-changing algorithms of search engines, social media platforms, and other online channels, ensuring their clients’ marketing efforts are always in line with the latest best practices.

Moreover, a digital marketer understands the importance of targeting the right audience. They use advanced targeting techniques to identify and engage with potential customers who are more likely to convert. This not only saves businesses time and resources but also increases their chances of success.

In conclusion, a digital marketer is an essential asset for any business looking to thrive in the online world. By partnering with the best digital agency Newcastle, businesses can leverage their expertise to create effective marketing campaigns that drive results. With their knowledge, skills, and dedication, digital marketers can take businesses to new heights of online success.

Dr Horton: Building Custom Granny Flats

Dr Horton is a reputable homebuilder known for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. With a focus on creating quality homes that meet the diverse needs of homeowners, Dr Horton offers a range of housing options, including custom granny flats. These additional living spaces provide a flexible and efficient solution for various purposes.

The Rise of Granny Flats

In recent years, the popularity of granny flats has soared as homeowners seek to expand their living spaces without the need for major renovations or extensive construction projects. A granny flat is a self-contained living area that is typically built in the backyard of an existing property. It serves as an independent living space, offering privacy and comfort for a variety of uses.

Customizing Your Granny Flat

Dr Horton understands that every homeowner has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their living space. That’s why they offer customizable options for their granny flats. Whether you are looking to create a small guest house, a home office, or an additional dwelling for aging parents, Dr Horton can work with you to design a custom granny flat that meets your specific requirements.

With Dr Horton‘s expertise in home construction and design, you can expect a high level of quality and attention to detail in every aspect of your granny flat. From the layout and floor plan to the choice of materials and finishes, their team of professionals will guide you through the customization process, ensuring that your granny flat not only meets your functional needs but also reflects your personal style and preferences.

Benefits of Custom Granny Flats

Investing in a custom granny flat offers numerous benefits for homeowners. Here are a few reasons why custom granny flats have become increasingly popular:

1. Flexibility and Versatility

Custom granny flats can be designed to serve various purposes. Whether you need extra living space for extended family members, an independent home office, a rental unit for additional income, or even a personal retreat, a custom granny flat can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

2. Affordable Alternative

Compared to traditional home additions or renovations, granny flats offer a more cost-effective solution. Building a custom granny flat is generally more affordable and time-efficient than expanding your existing home or constructing a separate building from scratch.

3. Increased Property Value

Adding a custom granny flat to your property can significantly increase its market value. The additional living space can make your property more appealing to potential buyers or serve as a source of rental income – both of which can contribute to a higher overall property value.

4. Multigenerational Living

As families look for ways to accommodate multiple generations under one roof, the demand for granny flats has grown. Custom granny flats provide an ideal solution for aging parents who desire independence while remaining close to their loved ones.


Dr Horton offers homeowners the opportunity to unlock the full potential of their properties with custom granny flats. With their expertise in homebuilding, customization options, and commitment to quality, Dr Horton can help you create a functional and stylish living space that meets your unique needs. If you are considering expanding your living space, exploring the benefits of a custom granny flat may be the perfect solution for you.

Panic Alarm Can Be Important For Your Home And Business Security

By Le Tuan Anh

Current info about panic alarms for security is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest panic alarms for security info available.

Silent alarms are often thought of as something that is only suitable for banks. The truth is that almost any home or business would do well to have a panic button alarm system in the event of an intrusion, fire, or weather related emergency. Panic alarms come in many shapes and sizes as well as styles. Consider carefully the type of business you operate or the situation within your home before deciding whether or not to incorporate a panic alarm into the security plans for your home or business.

Some are simply a means of emitting a powerful and ear piercing alarm. While these are not what this article is recommending to protect a home or business, they can be vital protection devices for personal security while walking, hiking, or biking. They deter criminals if noticed because most criminals do not want to draw attention to themselves and often frighten them away when committing a crime because they do make a spectacle of everyone involved. This is a situation that is bad for business for most purse-snatchers or people snatchers and will often frighten them away.

Silent panic alarms as a security protocol for business are especially helpful for businesses that do a heavy amount of work with cash or businesses that sell to those who may become unruly on a regular basis. They are also considered quite valuable in businesses that sell firearms. In truth however, in this day and age, any business would do well to have a silent panic button that goes straight to a monitored service. The reason for this is quite simply-you just never know. We live in a world where we simply do not know from one day to the next who the next person will be to do the unthinkable. While we do not want to admit to ourselves that he or she could be in the next cubicle the chances are just as good as any that they may be.

You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about panic alarms for security. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.

In our homes, a panic button can be a life saving device, literally. Panic devices exist that have live monitoring through speakers on the other end for elderly people who have fallen and cannot make it to the telephone in order to call emergency services. The unfortunate truth is that more often than not falls of this sort do not happen within easy access of the telephone. These devices can help those in need get the assistance they need no matter where in the home they may be. They work by having a remote device that is worn around the neck. In the event of disaster the panic button can be pressed and the monitoring agent on the other end can render assistance. If you have a loved one that is elderly and living alone this is a device that is an absolute must.

That is not the only option that is available for home security panic button needs however. Most security systems have codes that can be punched into the keypad that will automatically call the authorities. As an added benefit many security companies are offering the added benefit of wristwatch devices as well as key chains that allow a remote access panic button to interact with the monitoring device in a panic situation without requiring that you be in the room with the device in order to key in the code.

The decision to add security to your home or business is never one to be taken lightly. There are so many variables and we all want the places where we live and work to be as safe as they can possibly be. At the same time we do not want to wallow in fear of what may happen. These panic button security devices, whether for use in the home or office, allow an added layer of security and comfort without serving as a constant reminder of all the many things that may happen and let us get about the process of all the things that are happening each and every day.

There’s a lot to understand about panic alarms for security. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

Copyright Le Tuan Anh

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A Perspective Of Rewards And Recognition Survey

By Adriana J. Noton

It is a fact that among the biggest concerns of employers today is the issue of employee turnover, not only in terms of its high and hidden costs, its toll on the reputation of an organization, but as well as its impact on operation. Is staff turnover controllable? A valid question asked, hence the willingness of organizations to invest in human resource platforms such as rewards and recognition survey.

These surveys primarily aim to assess what beneficial advantages instituting such programs are in building retention rich organizations. It is always frustrating to have to invest in training employees, especially the highly skilled only to lose them a year or maybe less because they fail to see how they are given importance. After all, money is not all that matters, especially to those who value principles and integrity, who have been proven to be amongst the best employees to keep.

Along these lines, what constitute prevailing surveys in the market today? Depends. There are service oriented companies providing expertise on such programs on consulting basis. They range from small, mid-sized, to those with global presence who caters to the conglomerates. Big companies maintaining full-sized human resource undertake their own surveys.

Staffing requirement vary by industry. Staff retention strategies that work well for one may not be effective in another, or it could work the other way around. This is one of the reasons some businesses engage outside experts to develop their human resource platforms, reason being that they are exposed to various strategies employed by organizations and therefore in a better position to adapt and structure what fits well given their experiences.

What types of strategies are employed by such surveys? Both monetary and non-monetary. They include motivation and morale booster, employee satisfaction improvement, fostering healthy work relationships, reinforcing culture of recognition, confidence building, loyalty rewards and statements. Areas covered include typical bonuses and commission schemes, incentives, rewards statements, health cover, company cars, childcare, employee communications, and etc.

One particular observation made about these surveys mention that amidst decades of surveys conducted proving otherwise, companies continue to employ same old carrots and sticks. These miss on human behavior factors like respect and sincere appreciation, which are paramount in achieving longer term engagement of employees, especially the highly qualified.

While greener pasture a. K. A. Monetary benefit issues appear to be the most common official reasons employees write on their post employment exit questionnaires, this apparently does not hold 100% true. Unofficial claims point to lack of motivation as the culprit. Real reasons range from feelings of neglect, unrecognized efforts, lack of trust, unfair treatment, policies for career growth, hazy corporate vision, effective information, leadership, and hostile work environment, and so on.

Another observation noted in terms of approaching rewards and recognition survey is the apparent focus on the use of industry benchmarks in structuring programs instead of directly asking feed backs from the employees. What motivates them to stay in the company, what are they dissatisfied most, what improvements they want to see implemented, and so forth are questions that would tell a lot about what is needed to focus or refocus on. After all such surveys are basically intended to develop a program of rewarding employees for behavior or recognizing them for results.

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