Black Cohosh Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage

Black Cohosh – Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage


Peter Thomas

Black Cohosh


Black cohosh is a North American native and a member of the buttercup family. Common names include bugbane, bugwort, black snakeroot, and squaw root. Its rhizomes and roots are used medicinally. Black cohosh should not be confused with blue or white cohosh, which are unrelated plants. Uses and Benefits Black cohosh is most commonly used for symptoms associated with menopause. Introduced into Germany in the 1950s, it has been actively promoted as an alternative to estrogen, since it is believed to have estrogen-like benefits without the unpleasant or harmful side effects. Black cohosh has been adopted for a variety of menstrual, menopausal, and reproductive maladies, and was an essential ingredient in Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound, a popular patent remedy for “female complaints.” The herb has also been used traditionally for rheumatism and inflammatory conditions. Pharmacology: Constituents include triterpene glycosides (thought to be markers of biologic activity), caffeic acid, and isoferulic acid. Remifemin, a proprietary extract standardized to the triterpene glycoside 27-deoxyactein, is the preparation most studied by German investigators. Other triterpene glycosides include actein and cimicifugoside. Investigators have sought to determine whether black cohosh is a phytoestrogen, an herb that binds to estrogen receptors and has estrogenic properties but results are contradictory. Early animal studies found that black cohosh induced estrus and increased uterine weight in rats and mice, suggesting estrogenic effects. Methanol extracts of the herb were also reported to bind to estrogen receptors and to selectively reduce luteinizing hormone in animals. These extracts were thought to contain lormononetin, an isoflavone that binds to estrogen receptors. However, isoflavones are usually found in legumes (such as soybeans and red clover), not in plants related to black cohosh, and a recent study failed to find formononetin in commercial ethanol extracts such as Remifemin. In several older studies in menopausal women, usual doses of Remifemin were associated with estrogen-like vaginal epithelial stimulation and reduced LH levels. However, results were confounded by lack of study blinding, small groups, or lack of baseline hormone measurements; more recent pharmacologic studies contradict these results. In a well-controlled animal study, commercial ethanolic black cohosh extracts did not produce estrogenic effects on the uteri or vagina of rats and mice. In a randomized, double-blind study in 152 menopausal women, daily doses of 40 mg or 127 mg of Remifemin for 6 months reportedly had no effect on LH, follicle stimulating hormone, sex hormone binding globulin, prolactin, estradiol, or vaginal cytology. A randomized double blind trial in women with breast cancer also found no effects on LH or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) with 40 mg/day of Remifemin over 2 months. In addition, several in vitro studies of whole black cohosh extracts (including Remifenin) failed to demonstrate binding to, or stimulation of, estrogen receptors. Clinical Trials: Black cohosh was reported to benefit thousands of patients in early case series and uncontrolled studies.The benefits included relief from menopausal symptoms, menstrual irregularities, and other instabilities thought to be associated with “hormone imbalances.” In the 1980s, there were six European trials of Remifemin that reported benefits for the treatment of menopausal symptoms using objective outcome measurement tools. However, only three studies were controlled, and only one of these was randomized and blinded. In the only European double-blind, randomized, controlled trial (RCT), 80 menopausal women were randomized to 80 mg of Remifemin daily, 0.625 mg of conjugated estrogens for 21 days/month, or a placebo. After 12 weeks, the black cohosh preparation was statistically superior to both estrogen and placebo, as evaluated by a standardized symptom index (measuring hot flashes and other typical symptoms) and a separate standardized anxiety scale. Of the 16 patients who self-discontinued treatment, only one was from the black cohosh group, 12 were from the estrogen group (for “ineffectiveness”), and three were from the placebo group. Because estrogen had no more effect than placebo in this study, the results of this trial are questionable. The other two controlled studies each included 60 women with natural or surgical menopause. Remifemin was found to have similar benefits to 0.625 mg of conjugated estrogens or 2 mg of diazepam in one study, and to 1 mg of estriol, 1.25 mg conjugated estrogens, or 1 mg of an estrogen-gestagen combination in the other study, However, neither trial was blinded; thus the results cannot be adequately interpreted. In contrast to the European studies, a recent well-designed U.S. double blind RCT failed to find beneficial effects for Remifemin in women with daily hot flashes who had completed primary treatment for breast cancer. In 85 women (69 completed the study) evaluated at 30 and 60 days, both hot flashes and general menopausal symptoms were reduced equally well by black cohosh and placebo. Changes in blood levels of FSH and LH also did not differ in the two groups. Adverse Effects: Black cohosh is well-tolerated. In the controlled studies of Remifemin lasting up to 6 months, mild gastric discomfort, weight gain, and headache were reported in a few patients. A single case of unexplained nocturnal seizures in a patient taking black cohosh, chaste tree berry, and evening primrose oil has been reported, but a cause-and-effect relationship with black cohosh is doubtful. Occasional statements in the literature that large doses of black cohosh may cause dizziness, stiffness, and trembling can be traced to old homeopathic provings, and are probably not pertinent to modern use of the herb. Interactions and Side Effects: There are no known drug interactions. Cautions: Based on older studies suggesting estrogen-like properties, some feel that black cohosh is contraindicated for patients with breast cancer or other potential hormone sensitive conditions. Although absolute risks are unknown, recent evaluations have not validated estrogenic activity, and this herb can probably be used in these conditions with relative safety. Black cohosh is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation due to inadequate evaluation. In addition, there are isolated reports of a a premature birth and a malformed infant associated with maternal black cohosh use. A severely poor neurologic outcome in a full-term baby was associated with a combination of black cohosh and blue cohosh taken orally to induce labor, although a cause-and-effect relationship is doubtful. The German Commission E Monograph recommends limiting the duration of black cohosh use to 6 months; however, this appears to be based on lack of prolonged studies, and not on documented or potentially harmful effects. Preparations & Doses: There are many preparations of black cohosh available on the market. Remifemin, the standardized German product used in all of the clinical trials, is available in the U. S. as a tablet or liquid extract (distributed by GlaxoSmithKline). Twenty mg of herbal extract is contained in one tablet or 20 drops, standardized to the triterpene glycosides (i.e., 27 -deoxyactein). The dose for menopausal symptoms used in the European clinical trials was 80 mg/day, administered as 40 mg (2 tablets or 40 drops) b.i.d. The manufacturer of Remifemin now states that half this dose, or 20 mg b.i.d., is equivalent to the dose used previously. This change is due to an internal manufacturer’s trial in 1996 in which both doses reportedly had equivalent effects; dosing recommendations by the German manufacturer were changed to reflect the lowest effective dose. Dosing of traditional herbal preparations is roughly 0.5-1 g of dried rhizome or root, taken 3-4 times daily, usually as a decoction, tincture, or extract. Summary Evaluation Benefits for menopausal symptoms are suggested by empiric use and some clinical studies; however, clinical effects have not been adequately proven due to lack of high quality clinical trials. One well designed U.S. clinical trial found effects comparable to placebo in breast cancer survivors experiencing hot flashes. Based on recent investigations indicating a lack of direct estrogenic activity, harmful effects are unlikely in patients with breast cancer or other hormone-sensitive conditions. Note that black cohosh has not been shown to have other demonstrated benefits (e.g., prevention of osteoporosis) seen with conventional hormone replacement therapy.

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Black Cohosh – Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage

Blown for Good author discusses life inside international headquarters of Scientology

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wikinews interviewed author Marc Headley about his new book Blown for Good, and asked him about life inside the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base“, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California. Headley joined the organization at age seven when his mother became a member, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005.

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Denny’s Super Bowl free ‘Grand Slam Breakfast’ brings 2 million diners

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lighted sign of a Denny’s Diner restaurant in Dallas, Texas

Denny’s 1,600 chain restaurants across North America, Puerto Rico and Canada, were slammed for eight hours Tuesday with hungry patrons standing on sidewalks for nearly two hours to take advantage of the $5.99 “Grand Slam Breakfast” giveaway.

Denny’s, a dining chain with annual revenue of about $900 million, has advertised in a TV commercial Sunday during the Super Bowl XLIII that it would give away its signature breakfast from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. local time Tuesday, at all its restaurants in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, while supplies lasted.

Denny’s Diner has promoted the iconic dish giveaway heavily, with a bold 30-second appeal ad that aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl 43 on Sunday, plus another 15-second ad during the post-game show, offering a free breakfast to some 90 million viewers. In addition, it has placed a full-page ad in USA Today‘s Monday edition. The promotion was further announced on The Today Show and notices were also sent out to the chain’s “Denny’s Breakfast Club” members.

The NBC ad, which was bought to unveil a new promotion for customers squeezed by the recession, may have cost as much as $3 million, said Nelson Marchioli, CEO of Denny’s Corp. Super Bowl XLIII’s 30-second commercial time slot costs $2.4 million–$3 million for the airtime alone, excluding production and talent costs.

The game was televised live by the US NBC Sunday Night Football and Canada’s CTV Television Network. BayTSP has reported that, “as of 10 a.m. Wednesday, commercials that initially aired during NBC’s Super Bowl XLIII broadcast subsequently had been watched online more than 28 million times.”

“The promotion has a total cost of $5 million U.S., which includes $3 million for the commercial on NBC,” said a Denny’s spokesman, noting also that the company received about $50 million in news coverage, most of which was positive. According to a Denny’s representative, two million people walked through the restaurant chains’ doors Tuesday, and each Denny’s restaurant served an average of 130 Grand Slams per hour.

With the “Denny’s Feeds America” promotion, the company has reported 14 million hits on its Web site between Sunday night and Monday morning. Denny’s shares rose 6 cents, or 3.1 percent, to $1.98 in afternoon trading. The stock has traded in a range of $1.18 to $4.10 over the past 52 weeks.

A Halloween pancake at a Denny’s restaurant in Tokyo

“Denny’s free Grand Slam” has ranked in the top 10 Google searches early Tuesday and fell to No. 18 by the end of the promotion, while “denny s locations” was #9 on Google Trends, which tracks fast-rising searches. It has also held spots No. 1 (Denny’s) and 7 (Grand Slam) on Twitter‘s trending topics. It has generated much chat on Twitter, garnering 1,700 tweets on Tuesday, compared with its average of 59. Doritos, winner of the USA TODAY survey for best Super Bowl spot ad, had 933 mentions after reaching a peak of almost 3,300.

The idea of the TV ad was to get people to come in and re-evaluate Denny’s Diner. “A lot of people have forgotten what Denny’s is, or they think they know, while we’ve come out with a whole lot of new products. We felt like we needed to jump start the brand,” Denny’s Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Mark Chmiel said.

“We’re celebrating the Grand Slam this year,” Chmiel said. According to the company’s financial data, on January 15 Denny’s reported systemwide comparable-store sales for the fourth quarter were down 6.1 percent, compared to a 0.2 percent decline from the same period in 2007.

According to Robert Gonzalez, public relations company Hill & Knowlton spokesman, Denny’s has expected at least 2 million people to eat a free Grand Slam by the end of the promotion. “Every restaurant is packed with people and lines,” Gonzalez said. “Everything today is about fast. People are on the go, and they’re eating fast food. It’s cutting into sit-down dining,” he added.

“Each of the more than 1,500 Denny’s were planning to make about 100 Grand Slams an hour,” Denny’s spokeswoman Cori Rice said. It had predicted it will have served about 1,400 people per location, more than five times the normal volume. “Grand Slam Breakfast” is a four-item option on its menu, consisting of two pancakes, two eggs, two strips of bacon and two sausage links. It weighs in at 44 grams of fat, 56 carbohydrates and 770 calories.

Nationwide, Denny’s expected to sell about 2 million Grand Slams — about 15 percent of the annual tally. According to Mark Chmiel, chief marketing operator and executive vice president, the diner chain has reported approximately 2 million meals worth more than $12 million were given away nationwide and each Denny’s restaurant served an average of 130 Grand Slams per hour. It estimated it has earned about $50 million worth of public relations following the free Grand Slam campaign, Chmiel said.

The company is also experimenting with a Grand Slam Burrito and also has introduced for this year, a Grand Slamwich, which includes eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese between two slices of bread, with a teaspoon serving. “It already has shown strong consumer appeal,” said Chmiel. The company has received flood of e-mails and letters proving the positive impact of the Grand Slam campaign and commercials on its customers.

Chmiel also announced he’s planning a third major promotion in this year’s third quarter, which happens to include another major sporting event, the World Series. “That’s one we’re definitely looking at,” he said.

Jobless Paris Winslow of downtown San Francisco, California has joined the long line which stretched from the front door on Mission Street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, to the corner of Fourth and up the block. “The economy is getting kind of scary. This line looks like those pictures of soup kitchen lines during the 1929 Great Depression,” Winslow said.

“I came all the way from San Francisco for a free $6 meal, Isn’t that pathetic? A year ago, I never would have done this. These days I’m willing to put my ego on the back burner,” said Stephen Weller, a jobless contractor who waited with his dog, Emmett. California Denny’s restaurant managers have issued rain checks (for free chilled meals, as security backed by actual bacon) to anyone who failed to get in by the 2 p.m. deadline.

A big eater could also “Slam It Up” by adding any two additional items for 99 cents each to their meal. Customers on Tuesday were also handed “bounceback” coupon books that include offers for additional free menu items with purchases. Chicago Tribune reporter Kevin Pang has eaten five free Grand Slams on Tuesday at five different Denny’s Diners in four hours. He claims to have consumed 4,100 calories at Harwood Heights, 5:36 a.m, at Schiller Park, 6:22 a.m., at Franklin Park, 7:08 a.m., at Melrose Park, 7:41 a.m. and at Grand Slam No. 5 Oak Park, 8:57 a.m.

Denny’s Diner in Bangor, Maine, inspired by 1960 culture.

“The Grand Slam has always been a Denny’s favorite. This free offer is our way of reacquainting America with Denny’s real breakfast and with the Denny’s brand,” Denny’s CEO Nelson Marchioli said in a statement. In 1977s, the Grand Slam started as a baseball-related promotion in Atlanta, Georgia. Its normal price averages around $5.99. Marchioli said the event was also a way to kick-off its “Year of the Grand Slam” promotion. Denny’s claimed it has sold 12.5 million Grand Slams a year.

“The economy’s tough and people are jumping all the way to fast food to try to figure it out. We all use fast food, whether it’s for time or convenience or for money. But you can go to Denny’s and you don’t have to give up a real breakfast and that was the whole focus of our commercial,” Marchioli explained. McDonald’s (MCD, Fortune 500) has done well during this economic meltdown since the global recession pushes people toward less expensive dining options.

McDonald’s has announced plans Wednesday to open 175 new restaurants in China this year despite the global economic crisis, thereby increasing the number of outlets in China by 17 percent, from 1,050 currently. Last month, McDonald’s 2008 net profit has risen 80 percent from 2007 to 4.3 billion dollars.

Marchioli has also introduced Denny’s $4 Weekday Express Slam, which is a streamlined version of the Grand Slam. “I want to take back share. For too long, we have allowed others to take share, whether it was Starbucks or McDonald’s. They’re fine competitors and I don’t expect to take all their business from them, but I’d like a little bit back,” Marchioli noted.

According to Rafi Mohammed, author of “The Art of Pricing,” people love free. “It triggers a Pavlovian response in people,” said Mohammed. If Pavlov’s dogs salivate when a bell rings, Denny’s free Grand Slam breakfast has attracted 2 million hungry customers. “I believe free maximizes trial and doesn’t devalue a product as long as it is a rare event. Aside from the cost, the major downside is that it attracts customers who truly have no intention of coming back,” he added.

According to University of Portland consumer psychology professor Deana Julka, people flock to free promotions amid just a few dollars saving because there’s nothing in life for free. “So when there’s something out there that costs nothing, it creates a psychological rush. Especially in these times when people feel overtaxed or overburden, there’s an internal reward people feel by getting something for free,” she said. “It’s being thrifty and feeling like you beat the system. Free really hits the spot for a lot of people,” Julka added.

“Free is an emotional hot button. When free is concerned, there is no downside – or, at least, we don’t see the downside immediately. So we overvalue everything that is free. People love free stuff, particularly when money’s tight,” said Dan Ariely, a business professor at Duke University, author of “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions.”

Experts, however, explained these moves need to be done sparingly, since giveaways can teeter in the balance between desperation and a well designed marketing ploy. “Giving your product away for free is not worth it because it undermines your brand value,” said branding expert Rob Frankel, saying people are attached to the idea of it being free, than the actual product itself.

Free giveaways are not anything new in the food industry. “It just feels good when you can get something for free and not have to worry about it coming out of your wallet,” Frankel noted. Dunkin’ Donuts and Panera Bread all have had free coffee and food promos last year. “In November, Starbucks gave away free cup of coffee to anyone who came in on Election Day. Have you taken a look at how Starbucks is doing now?” Last week it has announced it would shut down 300 stores, in addition to the 600 it already planned to close.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds fly over Superbowl XLIII prior to kickoff in Tampa, Florida, February 1, 2009

On February 24, IHOP will be offering a free shortstack to every customer to encourage donations (in place of the cost) for Childrens Miracle Network. The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is a United States-based restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods and is owned by DineEquity. The chain had more than 1950 restaurants in all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and Mexico. Since 2006, IHOP’s National Pancake Day celebration has raised over $1.85 million. In 2008, over 1.5 million pancakes (12 miles high if they were stacked) were given to customers for donations.

Denny’s (“Denny’s Diner”) is a full-service diner/family restaurant chain in the United States. It operates over 2,500 restaurants in the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Curaçao, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, and New Zealand). The resto chain is known for always being open, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert around the clock.

Today, Denny’s operates about 1,600 restaurants in all 50 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico. There are also about 578 Denny’s restaurants in Japan operated under a license by a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings, seven Denny’s locations in New Zealand, and approximately 38 Denny’s diners in the United States. Denny’s headquarters is now located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, headquarters of the parent company Trans World Corporation that acquired Denny’s in 1987.

Denny’s was historically notable for offering a free meal to anyone on their birthday. The offer included a limited number of meal options from a special birthday menu. The promotional ritual ceased in 1993, though occasionally individual franchises will continue the tradition.

In 2008, Denny’s has ceased to be in the ranks among the top diner chains in the $83 billion breakfast market, whose top five firms — McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King and IHOP — accounted for 22 percent of the volume. “A lot of consumers have written Denny’s off their let’s-go-there list,” said Ron Paul, president of Technomic, a consulting firm.

Super Bowl XLIII was an American football game between the American Football Conference champion Pittsburgh Steelers (15–4) and the National Football Conference champion Arizona Cardinals (12–8) to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2008 NFL season. It was played on February 1, 2009, at Raymond James Stadiumin Tampa, Florida. It has an attendance of 70,774 and 98.7 million viewers. Pittsburgh earned its sixth Super Bowl win, thus securing sole possession of the record for most Super Bowl wins.

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Suzuki Cars Are Great For Middle Income Car Buyers

Suzuki Cars are Great for Middle-Income Car Buyers


Carl Winston

The well-liked Japanese vehicle producer, Suzuki, has had a sizeable presence in Pakistan s automotive business for countless years. The corporation opened its local operations in 1984 and presently has one of the most advanced automobile production units in South Asia, with models being sent to locations like Nigeria and Ghana. Suzuki deals in both personal and commercial vehicles and symbolizes affordability for salaried individuals with a limited budget. It is one of the most extensively purchased brands in Pakistan and caters to every economical, compact segment in the automobile industry.

In the coupe class, Suzuki has a enjoyable vehicle called the Alto. A reformed version of the established Mehran, the Alto was more rounded and had a higher quality exterior and interior look. It had a secure feel and dramatically reformed handling, with parts more firmly hitched, curtailing clattering noises, which were normal in the Mehran. With a 1000cc engine volume, the vehicle came with an air conditioner and turned out to be a exceptional cash saver both in terms of value and exceptional fuel efficiency. A terrific vehicle for driving on crammed city roads, the Alto could whiz in an out of constricted spots and fit without problems in the smallest of parking areas. The alto is noticeably cheaper than other vehicle companies trading models in the same class


The considerably broader Cultus is a hatchback, which is quite easily available in a range of versions with extra options like power windows available for a moderately higher rate. Offering a different styling to its predecessor, the Khyber or Swift, it had a four-wheel standalone strut suspension and a 1000cc engine size. The inside was also noticeably roomier and can effortlessly fit five individuals. A setback related to Pakistan s streets was its somewhat low lying body, which scours unreasonably high speed breakers while holding large weight. The Cultus is fuel efficient and effortless to look after because of affordable parts and accessories.

Suzuki s sedan automobile, the Liana, also recognized as the Aerio in western countries, was absolutely distinct in shape compared to Suzuki s earlier sedan, the Margalla, in Pakistan. A more luxurious vehicle than any earlier models provided in Pakistan by Suzuki, the 1300cc Liana grew to be an instantaneous hit with middle income consumers searching for an reasonably priced bigger vehicle, and gained a large portion of sales from the used sedan industry which was previously mainly controlled by older versions of the Honda City and Civic and Toyota Corolla. Individuals could now manage to acquire a brand new vehicle as opposed to a utilized one in the compact sedan class.

In the commercial spectrum, Suzuki caters to the light truck and minivan sectors with its Suzuki Pickup and Hi-Roof styles. The industry is almost absolutely commanded by Suzuki vehicles and owners usually rent these cars for commercial use. It is pretty common in Pakistan to notice a multitude of Pickups parked at transportation centers in important commercial cities providing their services to short term customers to transfer light construction equipment and other loads. The Hi-Roof is a superb way to transport eight to nine individuals for enjoyment or a weekend escape.

It is not surprising that in spite of the debut of several other models, a few of which are price competitive Chinese makes, Suzuki has been the leader of reasonable brand new and used automobiles in every one of its industry sectors. Though nowhere close to the top quality and status provided by other businesses, it is dependable and affordable enough for salaried families eager to purchase a established car obtainable in a restricted budget.

Carl’s first car was a


Alto when he had just started his career.

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Several businesses catch fire in Queens, New York

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, a fire rushed through seven businesses at the Whitestone Shopping Center in Whitestone, Queens, New York, near the Cross Island Parkway in New York City.

The fire started at around 1:00 AM EST (UTC-5) on November 2, 2008 in a diner known as Lollipops. According to local sources, Lollipops was a popular restaurant in the area. The fire spread through the stores, up an awning and continued all the way to a corner of the shopping center. In the end, seven businesses were destroyed, including two banks, two restaurants and a GNC Nutrition Center. It took dozens of firefighters to put out the large blaze.

According to WCBS-TV, with his diner Lollipops destroyed, the owner was too upset to comment.

Nearby Chinese restaurant, King’s Chef, was also damaged. “I cannot open because of whatever rules – tomorrow’s Monday, Tuesday is a holiday,” the owner, Patrick Chan, told WCBS-TV. “If I cannot get them to come tomorrow, I am going to lose big time.”

This is a calamity for many of these small businesses to be out of business, particularly in this economy.

Nearby residents reacted to the situation. Several residents have reported that it is a major loss to the community as they considered Lollipops to be a landmark. Several residents have reported knowing members of either the victim stores or others in the strip mall.

State Senator Frank Padavan commented on the loss of the shopping center.

“This is a calamity for many of these small businesses to be out of business, particularly in this economy,” he said.

The next day, investigators were boarding up the windows of the damaged stores. No one was hurt because all the stores were closed at the time of the blaze.

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BBC newsreader Alagiah to undergo treatment for bowel cancer

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

File photo of George Alagiah, 2009. Image: Shared Interest.

BBC newsreader George Alagiah has been diagnosed with bowel cancer for the second time in just under four years and is due to receive treatment, according to his agent, Mary Greenham, who said he was “in discussions with his medical team about treatment options and the way forward”.

In a statement yesterday, Sri-Lankan-born Alagiah, 62, said, “My brilliant doctors are determined to get me back to a disease-free state and I know they have the skill to do just that. […] I learned last time around how important the support of family and friends is and I am blessed in that department. I genuinely feel positive as I prepare for this new challenge.”

He later posted on Twitter, saying it was “tough dealing with disappointment”, though he “[a]lways knew the cancer could come back”.

During his previous course of treatment for the condition, which was performed when he was at stage four, Alagiah underwent three operations and had a total of eight tumors removed from his liver. Following this, he returned to presenting the BBC News at Six in November 2015.

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UAE launches national authority for scientific research

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced its first national authority for scientific research (NASR) to coordinate and fund scientific research in the country.

The national authority for scientific research was announced on March 7 by Shaikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE minister for higher education and scientific research. NASR will begin with an annual budget of AED100 million (approximately US$27.2 million). The authority hopes to receive additional contributions from the public and the private sector.

NASR will look to fund research projects in various fields, including engineering, technology, medicine, water and agriculture, proposing specific projects to be competed for by researchers at universities and private research institutes.

“Projects are going to be selected to help promote scientific research and the growth of UAE society and we will compare them with international scientific research criteria,” Gulf News quoted Al Nahyan as saying at the launch.

NASR will also train scientists and develop programmes for promoting public science awareness. It will also coordinate with government authorities on the issue of intellectual property rights, by providing advice on how companies and research centres should go about protecting their discoveries in the form of patents or licenses. It will also provide scholarships for researchers in the UAE to work on international research programmes, and organise national scientific conferences. NASR forms part of the UAE’s strategic plan to improve higher education and scientific research.

Zakaria Maamar, associate professor at the College of Information Technology at Zayed University, UAE, told Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net) that, “This initiative is another boost to the research and development activities that are carried out in the UAE. It will definitely provide researchers with the appropriate funds to sustain such activities and promote best practices in the community.”

Said Elnaffar, assistant professor at the college of information technology at the United Arab Emirates University, told SciDev.Net that, with this initiative, the UAE is taking the lead and setting a good example by building a strong development infrastructure founded on knowledge discovery and research.

This article is based on UAE launches national authority for scientific research by (Wagdy Sawahel) which has a copyright policy compatible with our CC-BY 2.5. Specifically “CC-BY-2.0 UK

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Basket Drill Planning Produced Straightforward}

Submitted by: Blossom Rudloff

While most people know that practicing is important for becoming a better basketball player, but there are various ways that people go about planning such drills. The most effective drills are created according to the team and individual players the drills are for. You will need to consider the skill level of each player, as well as what skills the individual players need to build. If you want to create the best basketball drills, use the following tips and techniques.

It is important to change the drills the players go through from time to time. If you do the same drills session after session, you will get bored and you won’t make the progress you want to make. Each drill involves a certain skill and sometimes various aspects of the same skill set, so it’s necessary to give the team members a wide variety of drills. Variety can keep players interested and motivated, and it will allow them to develop a wider range of abilities. But you should stick with a certain drill set so that you can make sure your team members get what they’re supposed to learn, and then it’s ok to switch things up so that boredom doesn’t sink in.


One of the goals of basketball drills is to help the players in good shape. In addition to practicing the skills required for the game, basketball requires a lot of stamina and coordination from its players. If drills are paced to slowly, they will not get the players ready for the toughness of the game. It is for this reason that basketball drills should consist of a fast routine and have a lot of movement and conditioning exercises. This will also make players train hard on their own. It is always a good thing to begin basketball drills with stretching exercises because this get the players flexible and helps them to ward off injuries.

When you’re playing basketball, you’re going to have to rebound from time to time, and so it’s important to practice rebounding in practice. The players have to see that any shot made by them, their team members or the opposing team could miss, so the players need to be ready to get the ball at any time. This is a mental and physical exercise that requires constantly alertness. Rebound drills can be handled using walls and backboards. Rebounding is one of the aspects that keeps basketball so unique, and the game is a very fast paced game, so players need to work on maintaining their quickness and physical fitness, and the only way to do that is through constant drill practice. Generally, basketball drills are not considered to be as glamorous as the games where people are cheering you on, but they are needed in order for the team to improve during the games. Whether you are creating drills for yourself or for your team, these things will bring about the most success. We learn things by doing them over and over, and the right drills can be the deciding factor between winning and losing teams.

There’s no question that there are various elements that can assist you to strengthen your game skills in every sport, like basketball,soccer and volley ball, and probably the single most significant of them is your vertical leap ability.

In case you want to strengthen your vertical jump, then have a look at the links at the bottom for a few recommendations.

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and find out about one of the most popular programs today. You may also find more about the jump manual at this review.


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Kashmir avalanches kill at least 100

Monday, February 21, 2005

Avalanches following the worst snow in two decades have killed over 100 people south of Srinagar in Indian-administered Kashmir, with many more still missing and remote areas still isolated. Forty-five tourists have been rescued, and the death toll is expected to rise as rescuers–including a large number of Indian troops–deal with the 4.5 metres of snow that have fallen since last Friday.

The crisis has cut off electricity in Srinagar for three days and is not affecting the water supplies. There are queues for cooking gas, and helicopters have been bringing in additional supplies.

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How Can A Senior Care Health Center Benefit Your Loved One?

byAlma Abell

Do you have an aging loved one who needs care throughout the day when you are at work, or otherwise unavailable? In the past, this might have meant having to place your loved one in an assisted living facility or a retirement home in Bergen County, NJ. Today, senior care health centers can provide you and your loved one with a wide range of benefits. What should you know?

The Independence They Deserve

Unlike assisted living facilities and retirement homes, senior health centers provide your loved one with the independence they deserve. Each morning your loved ones will be picked up and dropped off at night. This allows them to stay in familiar surroundings and even be as self-sufficient as possible, while still benefiting from the services and treatments at the center.


Getting to Appointments

With the right facility, you’ll find that your loved one is still able to reach all of his or her doctor’s appointments. Many treatments can be provided at the center itself, along with handicap accessible vehicle and professional driving staff to help them reach appointments with physicians.

Medical Treatments

A range of medical treatments can be provided at the care facility itself, along with your loved one will be transported to physician appointments. For instance, physicians should be on site for emergency needs, and your loved one will have access to ophthalmologists, radiologists, podiatrists, speech pathologists, and even a mobile lab for blood work. The right facility will be able to offer medication administration through a licensed nurse, diabetes management, weight management and even Alzheimer’s care.

Recreation and Fun

Of course, a high-quality care facility is not all about medical treatments. Your loved one will have access to therapeutic recreation activities that not only improve health but can entertain them with options ranging from games that stimulate memory retention to physical activity and everything in between.

The Right Meals

While your loved one will be provided with meals and snacks at the care facility but are able to eat at home morning and night. These will be designed by a dietitian to meet your loved one’s specific dietary and nutritional needs, as well as their personal preferences.

As you can see, there are many benefits to be found in a senior care facility in Bergen County, NJ, all of which speak directly to your loved one’s health and quality of life. We invite you to contact Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center by calling 201-387-8500.

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