Brief Introduction About High Performance Computing}

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Brief introduction about High Performance Computing



By definition, supercomputers are the fastest and most powerful computers available, and at present the term refers to machines with hundreds of thousands of processors. They are the superstars of the highperformance class of computers. Personal computers (PCs) small enough in size and cost to be used by an individual, yet powerful enough for advanced scientific and engineering applications, can also be highperformance computers. We define High Performance Computing as machines with a good balance among the following major elements:

Multi staged (pipelined) functional units.

Multiple central processing units (CPUs) (parallel machines).

Multiple cores.

Fast central registers.

Very large, fast memories.

Very fast communication among functional units.

Vector, video, or array processors.

Software that integrates the above effectively.

As a simple example, it makes little sense to have a CPU of incredibly high speed coupled to a memory system and software that cannot keep up with it.

HPC and supercomputers are often associated with large, government-funded agencies or with academic institutions. However, most High Performance Computing today is in the commercial sector, in fields such as aerospace, automotive, semiconductor design, large equipment design and manufacturing, energy exploration, and financial computing.

HPC is used in other domains in which very large computations”such as fluid dynamics, electromagnetic simulations, and complex materials analysis”must be performed to ensure a high level of accuracy and predictability, resulting in higher quality, and safer, more efficient products. For example, HPC is used to model the aerodynamics, thermal characteristics, and mechanical properties of an automotive sub assembly or components to find exactly the right design that balances efficiency, reliability, cost, and safety, before spending millions of dollars prototyping a real product.

HPC is also found in domains such as 2D and 3D rendering for media and entertainment, genomics and proteomics analysis for life sciences and healthcare, Oil and gas reservoir simulation for energy exploration, and design verification for the semiconductor industry. In the financial sector, HPC is used to perform institutional liquidity simulations and to predict the future values and risks of complex investments. In architectural design, HPC is used to model everything from the structural properties of a building, to the efficiency of its cooling systems under thousands of different input parameters, resulting in millions of different simulation scenarios.

Over time, the growing use of High Performance Computing in research and in the commercial sector, particularly in manufacturing, finance, and energy exploration, coupled with a growing catalog of High Performance Computing applications, created a trend toward HPC platforms built to handle a wider variety of workloads, and these platforms are constructed using more widely available components. This use of commodity hardware components characterizes the cluster and grid era of High Performance Computing. Clusters and grids continue to be the dominant methods of deploying High Performance Computing in both the commercial and research/academic sectors. Economies of scale, and the need to centrally manage resources across large organizations with diverse requirements, have resulted in the practical reality that widely divergent applications are often run on the same, shared HPC infrastructure.

High performance computing can happen on:

A workstation, desktop, laptop, smartphone!

A supercomputer

A Linux/MacOS/Windows/… cluster

A grid or a cloud

Cyber infrastructure = any combination of the above

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High performance computing

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Gazebo Products Are Effortless And Completely Hassle Free

Gazebo Products are Effortless and Completely Hassle-free


Raymond Bowen

A Gazebo set contains prefabricated boards packed and shipped to your door- ready for installation. Gazebo producers supply the gazebo kits to people who want to assemble one on their own without worrying about annoyance of having to cut the boards and stressing about the measurements and the inconvenience of challenging labour, essentially they save you time and manual work. Many Gazebo kits are 8 metres in total which enables it to be custom design approximately 30m in length. They usually are designed for creating octagonal in shape, hexagonal, dodecagonal, and rectangle-shaped gazebos. They are often created from cedar, redwood, vinyl, treated pine, or plastic.|A Gazebo kit is made up of prefab boards packed and delivered to your door- completely ready for assembly. Gazebo manufacturers provide gazebo kits to individuals who would like to assemble one on their own without having the inconvenience of having to cut the boards and stressing about the measurements as well as the irritation of tricky labour, in simple terms they help save time and labour.

Gazebo Sets are Straightforward and Thoroughly Simple and easy

The assembly of gazebo sets


Gazebo packages are specially designed to be easy to construct. As long you know how to handle a screwdriver and also a hammer, you\’ll be able to construct your own personal gazebo from a gazebo kit. Gazebo sets can be bought in different steps of completion depending on your decision and skill level. They can come in a pile of precut sections to preassembled components. Constructing a gazebo using precut parts commonly take Sixteen hours to build, needing as many as 48 hours to finish it. Constructing one using preassembled components can take 5 to 8 hrs to accomplish.

A basic gazebo package contains the floor and wall panels, roofing, along with the roof shingles. Some kits have predrilled panels already, making the assembly even easier to accomplish. What\’s typically not part of a gazebo kit are definitely the screws and instruments necessary for the construction. Nonetheless, a manual which contains the screw specs and step-by-step construction guidelines is included. A number of the tools you need to build a gazebo kit are: 2 and a half-inch screws, a screw gun, some staples and a soffit stapler, a level and framing square, a circular saw, a chop saw, ladders, building blocks, 16-inch anchors, a cable, fiberglass screening, and long 1 x 4 s. A gazebo kit can be assembled by one person nonetheless it has to be lot easier if 2 people built it together. The roofing section can often be difficult to assemble by an individual alone.

The many benefits of gazebo packages

Gazebo packages cost a lot less than buying pre-built gazebos , and they\’re a lot more hassle-free and realistic than building gazebos completely from scratch. With gazebo kits, you\’re assured of obtaining perfect dimensions that have been factory prefabricated. You can be positive that all the panels would align perfectly. The gazebo kit manufacturers will offer the very best materials and expert workmanship that you would not get from the local lumberyard and hardware stores. They have more access to quality building materials and may offer you the best choices in style, material, and design. Building your own gazebo from the gazebo kit provides you with the knowledge you need about the parts and which one goes where. This is usually a great advantage to have whenever your gazebo needs repairs. You won\’t need to call a serviceman because you can do the repair yourself.

Preassembled gazebo kits on the other hand have the biggest benefit of having the capacity to be produced from skid to completion in as little as one day. Preassembled kits include everything you need to build them. This includes all lumber, hardware, as well as preassembled floors, doors and windows, as well as optionally available screen kits. Preassembled gazebo kits also provide the main benefit of each component being precision cut to make certain an excellent fit. Preassembled gazebos are even shipped with the roof panels shingled.

We are Countrywide suppliers of a massive amount of treated and without treatment pine products with almost all our solid timber acquired from commercially cultivated – sustainable pine woodlands. New & Distinctive Homestead Post & Rail Solid wood Fencing System made to acquire on site – Rural posts & poles, Pointed posts & poles, Bollards, Park & rails sets Precision rounded posts, Round Yards & Arenas for horses, Half logs Winged splits, Landscaping slabs & Garden edging. Remember to be absol

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With A Party Bus Arlington Opens Up To Revelers And Guests

byAlma Abell

Residents of this community are known for their intense love of life, and they make the most of their evenings away from the jobs that consume so much of their time. They like to celebrate like few others, filling night clubs and other venues in this city and nearby ones with regularity, and weddings and other special events are correspondingly appreciated. With a trip on a party bus in Arlington residents can keep the fun coming all night long, too, as area transportation providers work to make getting to and from these occasions the most exciting part of the night.

After a group of friends pile into a party bus Washington DC might become the setting for an unforgettable night of revelry, for example. Local transportation companies offer nighttime tours in limousines for groups which make stops at all of the beautiful monuments in the area, so revelers can enjoy the scenery of the entire city. Stopping by the dramatic Washington Monument to observe the lights that play upon its towering surface, such a party bus might then proceed to the equally striking and iconic Lincoln Memorial. Enjoying drinks and all the other amenities of a high-end limousine, guests will have an incredible, unforgettable experience as they are shuttled from one of these famous destinations to the next.

For a party bus Arlington and nearby cities don’t need to be the outer limits, either. Companies in the area offer similar tours which will take passengers even further afield. Itineraries focusing on the many vineyards in the surrounding area are very popular and ensure that those attending will be able to enjoy sampling their products without worry about driving themselves. A package tour to these wineries might include space for ten or more guests, with wine, cheese, and other delights being provided for passengers on the trips to and from these rural retreats. Others might be interested in renting a bus or limousine of this sort so as to shuttle guests from hotels in the city to the site of a wedding out in the country, with similar arrangements as for appetizers and beverages being easy to make.

5 Essential Tips You Should Follow To Compare Car Prices

5 Essential Tips You Should Follow To Compare Car Prices



If you want to compare car prices, you need to list all the specifications you are looking for, determine how much you are capable of spending, don’t give in to sales pitches, take time to decide and discuss your expectations and limits with the dealer.


There comes a time when fixing a used car just gets too expensive, and you should at least look at a newer replacement. Shopping for a car can be a meticulous activity that requires you to evaluate important factors such as the costs for various options. Here are some tips that can help you compare car prices: Put down all of the features you needd first Make a list of the specifications that you are looking for in a vehicle. Determine what the car’s passenger capacity should be. When thinking about a car, bear in mind the number of people it needs to hold. Your family or any other passenger must be able to travel comfortably in your new car. Fuel consumption rate, motor dimensions and similar parameters that could affect the pricing of the car must be included. Stick to the list you made as you go about your search so you won’t be easily swayed into buying a car equipped with specifications that you don’t really need or want. Figure out what you can afford Before you buy a car you ned to do a budget to see how much car you can afford. Remember that the company that finances your car may want you to make a down payment in addition to the monthly payments. Set a limit before you start, and don’t go over it. You must be able to afford the cars you’re considerng. Be on your guard when you are given a sales pitch People who sell vehicles are taught how to market their cars to buyers. If you are starting to get overwhelmed with the tempting offers that a car salesman is making, you might want to leave the showroom and think about the offer properly. Do not be pressured when buying a car or you may end up paying more than you budgeted for. Consider your options carefully It is very important to research properly prior to purchasing a car, as it is a major financial decision. Practice constraint and carefully shop around for the car of your dreams and compare multiple dealer’s quotes before buying. Take a look at various shops and showrooms and then enlist the different prices, packages and deals for the models you find. Websites are available, with information on the specifics of cars, that you may be interested in purchasing. When you are with the dealer, discuss what you expect and what your limits are Make sure you are able to relay your expectations properly to the car dealer. Let the dealer know what kind of specifications you are looking for so that he can give you relevant recommendations and not waste your time. Salesmen leave room for haggling over the price which means the final cost doesn’t have to be the sticker price. While cars are a necessity, you need to make sure to get what you want when buying one.

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car pricing

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Using The Room Divider As A Unique Decorating Accessory

By Lee Dobbins

When you think of a room divider or folding screen, you usually picture using it to divide a room. Perhaps between a large living room – dining room combination or to divide a bedroom into a sleeping and sitting area. But room dividers can be put to many other uses that will enhance your decor as well as add a unique touch to any room.

Today’s room dividers are quite decorative and come in almost any style to suit whatever your decor. Some can even be functional with shelving, slots for photos and activity centers for children’s rooms. Adding one to your room will immediately create a unique focal point, but what if you don’t need to divide the room?

If you are decorating a bedroom, one great use for a room divider is to use it as a headboard. In order to do this, you should choose a divider that is roughly as wide as your bed. In this instance, you won’t be folding the divider – you want to leave it flat. Simply open it up and slide it behind the head of the bed. Purchase matching bedding and you will have a fabulous display. Be sure to buy bedding that matches the theme and color of your folding screen divider and if the divider is very busy with a pattern or scene you might want to make sure you buy bedding that is more plain.


You can also use a room divider simply to dress up a wall. This is a great idea for apartments where you can’t paint or wallpaper but you want something a bit more snazzy to liven up a room. You can put the divider flat against the wall, but if you do you will have to anchor it somehow so it doesn’t tip over. If you don’t want to anchor it, then you can fold it slightly – not too much as you want to be able to see the full divider but just enough so that it is steady.

You can even use a room divider in the kitchen to enhance a breakfast nook or corner eating area. here you will be using it in sort of the opposite way you would normally. Instead of folding the divider so that it is kitty cornered and there is a space between the divider and the wall, you will put it flat against the wall with a fold in the corner so that it wraps around the corner creating a decorative alcove for a unique dining area.

Room dividers add ambiance to any room and you don’t have to use them in the traditional manner. If you use your imagination, you can think of different ways to use traditional decorative accessories which will give your home a unique flair!

About the Author: Lee Dobbins writes for

Room Divider Decor

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different types of room dividers

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The Benefits Of Going To Cosmetology School

The Benefits of Going to Cosmetology School



The secret to eternal beauty has been a dream that has eluded the human species since the dawn of time. While it may be source of constant torment for most, it can be incredibly lucrative for someone who happens to be in the business of cosmetology.

The fact of the matter is people will always want to look their best. In fact, the field of cosmetology is one of the few professions that haven’t taken a significant turn for the worse during these struggling economy times.


If you’re truly interested in this career, but don’t want to pay for a full 4 years of education, there are quite a few program-focused beauty schools in the United States that will help you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

For those planning on following this career, there are many benefits that can come from attending a cosmetology school. Obviously, choosing one of these specialty schools over a 4-year degree will save you thousands of dollars in student loans. As an added bonus, most accredited cosmetology schools even offer financial aid, including grant, scholarships and even student loans. There are also a few non-accredited cosmetology schools that offer similar grants and scholarships as well.

For students with an eagerness to learn, these school offer an incredibly hands-on approach to learning, allowing you to acquire the real-world experience you’ll need before heading out on your own.

If you’re young and love to stay on top of the trends, these schools will offer an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing you to delve into today’s hottest fashions, and helping you learn how to pull off the looks that define today’s culture. Plus, the boredom factor is relatively low. In fact, this industry will quickly teach you that every day is a new learning experience, which is a lesson which will carry over quite extensively into your entire career.

Remember, you don’t have to be young to start your career in the world of cosmetology, as these courses naturally attract beauty-lovers of all ages. There are specialty schools and courses all over the country that will help you learn the trade, so feel free to take the time to seek out the program that’s right for you.

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The Benefits of Going to Cosmetology School

Love Jute Rugs And Basket? Here’s What You Need To Know About Jute}

Love Jute Rugs And Basket? Here’s What You Need To Know About Jute



Jute is a type of fiber that comes from the white jute plant. The product thrives in tropical regions and relies on rain to grow. Through the process of extraction, you can get long and natural fibers that can make different types of textiles and byproducts. Here are some of the things you need to know about jute or the golden fiber.

Key Producers

One of the essential features of jute is the continuous growth of production. In the last ten years, the annual production averages 2.5 to 3.2 million tons. The key producers of jute in the world come from South Asia. Specifically, India accounts for 60% of production while Bangladesh grows 30%. The final output is a combination of raw jute fiber and manufactured items such as jute rug and jute baskets.

Extraction Process

The process of extracting jute fibers from the plant is either through biological or chemical retting. Biological retting involves different methods that focus on bundling jute stems, soaking in water, separating fibers, and stripping. On the other hand, chemical retting focuses on using compounds that allow the removal of fibers from the stem. However, the use of chemicals is expensive which is why many producers continue to practice biological retting.

Multiple Uses

Another essential aspect of jute is its versatility. You can create items from jute fibers or blend with other materials. For example, you can make jute as containers for plants and trees. It is also a vital component of geotextiles which help improve soil quality and prevent erosion. It is a favorable option for some farmers due to its antistatic properties, insulation, and moisture retention.

Jute is also vital to create textile. It is due to jutes tensile strength and better breathability of fabrics. You can use fibers to make jute rug, carpets, curtains, and chair covers. Combining jute fiber with wool can also become a viable substitute for silk. The process involves using caustic soda which improves appearance and softness properties.

Jute fibers are also vital packaging. Many use jute as sacks for agricultural goods. Others create jute baskets capable of carrying a significant amount of weight. Given its durable properties and affordability, jute fibers are increasingly becoming a viable alternative for rigid packaging requirements.

Environmental Benefits

Lastly, there is the environmental benefit of using jute fiber. The fiber is environmentally friendly because it is easily recyclable and contains biodegradable properties. Also, a jute plantation can absorb carbon dioxide in the air. Estimates show that a hectare of jute can absorb 15 tons of carbon dioxide and release 11 tons of oxygen. The plant is also valuable for soil growth with proper crop rotation strategies. You can even burn jute and not worry about toxic gasses.

Overall, jute fiber is a natural and environmental-friendly option that people can use for different purposes. It provides valuable applications in the agricultural, commercial, and textile industry. With new technologies and applications, the use of jute fibers continues to expand from its traditional methods particularly when combined with other materials.

Whether you’re a fan of

jute rug


jute baskets

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Using Support And Resistance Within Forex Trading Strategies

As every serious trader knows Forex trading strategies are an essential part of Forex training. They range from reversal through to continuation strategies with each one having its own specific set of rules, entry and exit points. Knowing how these Forex trading strategies work and when they are most likely to fail is a core element of the learning process for any aspiring new trader.

Another crucial element of Forex training is the notion of support and resistance. They re defined as follows:


Support – a price area where a horizontal line is drawn connecting two price hits which have bounced in the upwards direction. Market price is decreasing when suddenly it starts to pull back upwards. It then decreases again with another pull back at the same price level as the first one. The horizontal line that connects the two pull back price points is called the support line. The line literally creates support for that particular price level.

Resistance – a price area where a horizontal line is drawn connecting two price levels which have bounced in the downward direction. Market price is increasing thus moving upwards; but suddenly it starts to pull back in the downwards direction. It then reverses back into the original upward direction only to pull back downwards at the same price point as the first one. The horizontal line that connects the two price points is called the resistance line. It creates a resistance point at which the market cannot continue upwards.

The reason why it is crucial to know about support and resistance is because they can drastically slow down your profits or even reverse your Forex trading strategies back to create a loss. The point is that there is a reason why there is support or resistance at a certain price level. It does not matter what this reason is. What is important is that traders respect it as a potential profit stop. So, if a profit target is 30 pips but there is a heavy support/resistance line blocking the way at 25 pips, profit should be taken at 25 pips. If orders are left to fight the support/resistance lines you are simply hoping for the best. You may get through some of them but in the long-run it is not worth the wait.

Another factor to bear in mind is that support can become resistance and resistance can become support. For example, as price breaks through resistance whilst moving upwards it is very common to see the price pull back to the line it broke through originally and bounce back upwards as a result. In this manner historical resistance has now become new support. The same can happen in the other direction.

In summary, it pays to be extra careful when support or resistance lines are apparent in the market when Forex trading strategies are being used. It is common for a trader to lose faith in his/her strategy when they see it bounce from this horizontal line simply because they haven’t studied it in their Forex training. In this instance it is not the strategy that is at fault, it is the lack of knowledge.

Should Your Life Insurance Policy Be Written In Trust?

By Michael Challiner

According to one of the largest UK life insurance companies, just 1% of life policies are written in trust. That is disgraceful and reflects poorly on the financial industry.

Let’s explain.

If your life insurance policy is Written in Trust then, in the event of a claim, the insurance company pays out directly to the beneficiaries you name on the policy. The significance of this is easily missed.

It means that if the policy is Written in Trust, the proceeds from the policy never form part of your legal estate and are not subject to Inheritance Tax. The importance of this is illustrated by the following figures:


Take Mr A. He’s a widower and wants to leave everything equally to his two sons. He owns his home which is currently worth 245,000 with a 10,000 outstanding mortgage. His investments are valued at 52,000 and his car and other chattels are worth 18,000. He also owns a life insurance policy for 100,000 which is not written in trust. We assume that the costs of administering his estate and obtaining probate would be 5,000.

If Mr A were to die now, his estate would be worth 400,000 less Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax is currently levied at 40% on the value of his estate over and above 275,000 that means that the taxman will walk off with 50,000 and his sons would each receive 175,000.

Now lets assume exactly the same figures except that in this case the life insurance policy is Written in Trust with Mr A’s sons as equal beneficiaries. Because the life insurance company pays out directly to his sons, they each receive 50,000 straight away and non of the money is included in Mr A’s estate. This means that his estate is now worth 300,000 and the taxman can only walk away with 10,000. Each of his sons receives 20,000 more and tax-free!

So simply by signing a few forms, Mr A saves 40,000 tax!

Is there a catch? No all the documentation is standard and is provided totally free of charge by the life insurance company. Your broker through whom you buy the policy, should complete the documentation for you, again free of charge. All you have to do is give the details of the beneficiaries to the broker and sign the form. Solicitors are not required. In the event of a claim, the life insurance company then has to pay out directly to the beneficiaries. Job done! Poor Mr Taxman!

Even if your policy is designed to repay a mortgage, it should be Written in Trust for your partner. Then, rather than your estate receiving the money and using it pay off the mortgage, the money can be paid directly to your partner. This saves legal delays, solicitor’s and probate fees and loads of hassle. Your partner can then use the money to personally pay off the mortgage. Whether this also saves you Inheritance tax will depend on the value of your estate and how you have structured your Will.

So we believe that a life insurance policy Written I Trust is a win win situation. And there aren’t many of those around these days! We can’t see any drawbacks.

Bye the way, no matter what you decide to do, always ensure that you have an up-to-date Will.

About the Author: Express Life Insurance specialise in

life insurance quotes uk

but also offer both

critical illness cover

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Komatsu Excavators Powerful And Reliable

Komatsu Excavators Powerful and Reliable



Komatsu was founded in 1921 in Japan and today is the world’s second largest manufacturer of construction equipment and has 25% market share when it comes to excavators. This result has been achievable for Komatsu thanks to almost 90 years of experience and constant improvements that the company has been introducing to its machinery. The brand is therefore well known in the construction industry worldwide. The production plants are located in both Americas, Europe and Asia. Komatsu Ltd. manufactures also mining & military equipment, as well as industrial vehicles and machinery (for example press machines).


Range of Komatsu excavators

Komatsu offers different kinds of excavators ranging from compact, through light and medium to heavy ones. The smallest excavators are designed for small projects, for example pipe laying or cable installations. Due to their size they can be operated in the back yards and between the buildings. In general, the bigger the excavator, the stronger the motor, grater power and capability. When choosing among Komatsu excavators, you should also consider what arm length, track width, and bucket size is the most suitable for your job. You can choose between both wheeled and crawler excavators, however the latter are more popular.

Komatsu Hybrid Excavator

Komatsu is also an innovative company and tries to make the most of the new technologies. In 2008 the Komatsu PC200-8 Hybrid was launched – the first hybrid powered construction equipment in the world. It is said that the 22-ton excavator is between 25% and 40% more fuel-efficient than the standard PC200LC-8 and in one hour of operation it emits up to 22 lb less of CO2! The excavator is equipped with a diesel engine, an electric-swing motor, a generator, a capacitor and pumps. It is able to recuperate energy from slew-braking and stores it to reuse when needed and therefore cuts the fuel use.

If you are interested in buying

Komatsu excavators

, visit and find a wide range of


and other construction equipment for sale.

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