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Should Your Life Insurance Policy Be Written In Trust?

By Michael Challiner

According to one of the largest UK life insurance companies, just 1% of life policies are written in trust. That is disgraceful and reflects poorly on the financial industry.

Let’s explain.

If your life insurance policy is Written in Trust then, in the event of a claim, the insurance company pays out directly to the beneficiaries you name on the policy. The significance of this is easily missed.

It means that if the policy is Written in Trust, the proceeds from the policy never form part of your legal estate and are not subject to Inheritance Tax. The importance of this is illustrated by the following figures:


Take Mr A. He’s a widower and wants to leave everything equally to his two sons. He owns his home which is currently worth 245,000 with a 10,000 outstanding mortgage. His investments are valued at 52,000 and his car and other chattels are worth 18,000. He also owns a life insurance policy for 100,000 which is not written in trust. We assume that the costs of administering his estate and obtaining probate would be 5,000.

If Mr A were to die now, his estate would be worth 400,000 less Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax is currently levied at 40% on the value of his estate over and above 275,000 that means that the taxman will walk off with 50,000 and his sons would each receive 175,000.

Now lets assume exactly the same figures except that in this case the life insurance policy is Written in Trust with Mr A’s sons as equal beneficiaries. Because the life insurance company pays out directly to his sons, they each receive 50,000 straight away and non of the money is included in Mr A’s estate. This means that his estate is now worth 300,000 and the taxman can only walk away with 10,000. Each of his sons receives 20,000 more and tax-free!

So simply by signing a few forms, Mr A saves 40,000 tax!

Is there a catch? No all the documentation is standard and is provided totally free of charge by the life insurance company. Your broker through whom you buy the policy, should complete the documentation for you, again free of charge. All you have to do is give the details of the beneficiaries to the broker and sign the form. Solicitors are not required. In the event of a claim, the life insurance company then has to pay out directly to the beneficiaries. Job done! Poor Mr Taxman!

Even if your policy is designed to repay a mortgage, it should be Written in Trust for your partner. Then, rather than your estate receiving the money and using it pay off the mortgage, the money can be paid directly to your partner. This saves legal delays, solicitor’s and probate fees and loads of hassle. Your partner can then use the money to personally pay off the mortgage. Whether this also saves you Inheritance tax will depend on the value of your estate and how you have structured your Will.

So we believe that a life insurance policy Written I Trust is a win win situation. And there aren’t many of those around these days! We can’t see any drawbacks.

Bye the way, no matter what you decide to do, always ensure that you have an up-to-date Will.

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Eric Javits: Pocketbook Figures And His Extended Line Of Pocketbook Assemblages

By James McKenny

A flawless container for personal things to be took along is a Purse. It may be just a fine verifying that sometimes most people just take them for acknowledged and do not mean about them that much. They tend to forget that handbags as well reflect the whole being of the one bringing them. Whether they are ordinary or designer bags, handbags are seen as an extension of a person’s personality, which is an important factor in building a existing effect of a person. Even if a lot of people associate them with the social status of an individual, the fact still remains that the Purse and the wearer put together exudes a fashion statement. And this is how Eric Javits came about with his Aggregations of not only handbags but shoes and hats as well.

The Eric Javits supplement

Eric Javits has been around for the past twenty years and have been designing handbags by taking into consideration a woman’s needs. For that span of time, he surely has made a mark and has been embedded in the women’s accessories industry with his new Plans and creative directions. Eric Javits’ trademark is easily distinguished with the Bag’s down-to-earth appeal. Although twinned to being practical, it still exudes elegance and gentility and coupled with functionality. But what really wrought him to become one of the gifted Pocketbook designers is the trademark for uncompromised quality in Eric Javits’ Collectings.


The Eric Javits Purposes

Eric Javits and his handbags have different Innovations that are renewed every season. As soon as an idea sparks his mind, he begins plotting them in a quiet sketch. This becomes the point of departure upon which he bases his new construct and his new collection of handbags. It will then be outlined in the following days and will then be fabricated later on. Considering women’s needs, trusts, and requirements, the march is not that simple because women have a constant clamor for a changing fashion statement. This is one of the reasons why his Patterns are continuously revolutionized, synthesized, and reworked until they exactly become part of a complete core of product lines. Eric Javits’ Intentions may be construed as part of a collective effort, but in reality, the Innovations are purely relied on Eric Javits alone. Not only were his Figures used in handbags. Eric Javits also had a merchandise line of hats, which were labeled as the Packable Hats, and new line for footwear. All three are offered in damaging or refined colors and others with striking and engaged Plans.

Look for Eric Javits

If you are seeing to preceptor an exquisite Purse, you have to learn the one with the address. And the name is Eric Javits. His creations are the echo of women’s needs and with alluring styles. Eric Javits is the name favourite by women, world throughout. Chic and stylish, elegant but virtual, that is Eric Javits’ mark. You will get to see them in online entrepots.

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Financial Planning For Retirement: For Worry Free Retirement

By Stanley Emerson

Planning can be a tedious activity especially if you are planning for retirement. Many people realize how advantageous financial planning for retirement can be while others find it mysterious.

In fact, most experts say that for people who are only making enough money to make due payments in each month, then it means that they should start contemplating on how they can still make money even if they are already retired.

Surveys show that almost 75% of the American population is earning enough money to pay their monthly bills. This means that they do not have any extra money to put in a bank or in any financial institution that could provide them enough profit after their retirement.


What’s more Social Security is not enough guaranteed income for retired people to live on. Actually, it is still a big question if one’s Social Security will still exist when the retirement day comes.

Hence, it is extremely important to generate some methods that will provide an individual a reasonable amount of money in the future. This should be done regardless of how much an individual earns, the important thing is to start saving today.

1. Visualize and calculate

It is important for a person to visualize his or her own situation after retirement. Then, you can calculate how much money is needed to live on after retirement. Furthermore, people need earnings that compensate 75% of the present amount that he or she is expected to take home.

2. It is important to seek the help of a financial planner or any person competent in financial planning.

By asking for advice from the experts, you will be able to gain more knowledge know how to proceed for you situation. These people are proficient and knowledgeable in all kinds of financial planning and they can provide the most feasible and workable approach for your individual needs.

3. Get rid of loans, debts, and other financial obligations in as little time as possible.

By simply paying off all debts, loans, and other financial obligations in a shorter period of time, you can realize a substantial amount to invest for that retirement. A good financial planner will know exactly how to direct you so you can meet your retirement goals.

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Marketing Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

By Phil Forp

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Marketing affects all individuals, all organizations, all industries, and all countries. (Kerin, 2006, p.22) In this paper I will explain the value of three pieces of marketing research, the components of marketing mix for Kudler new catering service, far as their product, place, price, and promotions. I will also explain how Kudler should determine the products it wants to offer and how they will determine how they will price their products to be relative to other catering companies. I will also explain what term place means, how Kudler will go about promoting their catering service and describe how technology will be used by Kudler in their market, lastly I will explain if Kudler decide to go with catering how that mesh with their decision to contract with organic growers.

Marketing research is an important part of understanding the market and where there is a need for a service. The product and service will have to be targeted to the right people who are in need of the service. The three pieces of market research allow you to specify, identify, and determine the current market. The three pieces of market research are: ‘Specifying Constraints- The constraints in a decision are the restrictions placed on potential solutions to a problem. Identifying data needed for marketing action- Often marketing research studies wind up collecting a lot of that are interesting but irrelevant for marketing decisions that result into marketing actions. The data should be able to provide manager with information that allows them to make clear choice of action to take for their product. Determine how to collect data- Determining how to collect useful marketing research data is often as important as actually collecting the data. The two key elements in deciding how to collect data are concept and method. Concepts are ideas about a product or service. To find out about consumer reaction to a potential new product, marketing researchers frequently developed a new product concept, that is, a picture or verbal description of a product or service the firm might offer for sale. Methods are the approaches that can be used to collect to solve all or part of a problem.’ (Kerin, 2006, p.22)

Kudler has a new idea of starting a catering service but before they can start they will have to research the market to determine the right course of action. Kudler will have to define the marketing problem and the opportunity for increased customer satisfaction. The company will have to develop an organized plan to determine the effectiveness of their decision. People today are looking to eat healthier and stay in shape. Consumers have become interest in the quality of their health with today’s 54 percent of Americans is considered overweight. ( As people begin to look into other foods the diet of many consumers are now change to foods that are healthier such as organic. This type of change in consumer’s diet has allowed companies like Kudler to provide these different types of food options. Before starting the catering service Kudler had decide to contract with local farmers for organic produce. The organic and gourmet food market in the United State has soured through the sky. There are more cooking show and more people cooking healthy than ever before. With this type of increasing market Kudler can began to advertise and market their organic product to their consumers. As organic continue to gain popularity with consumers the sales potential will continue to increase.

To ensure that their decision will be the best action to take for Kudler, the company will have to do research were they provide an atmosphere for customers to try their products and receive feed back. One method that Kudler could use is allowing customers to try their organic produce for free by providing samples. This can give Kudler a chance to introduce their new product and service to gain more customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is what drives a business to be successful, when customers are satisfy they return because of the product and service. Kudler will need to decide what food item and recipes will be their main attraction. The way that Kudler can determine their most popular products is by using there inventory process to track what items are being purchased frequently and more than others. According to what customers are buying, by tracking items in their inventory will tell them what products are doing well and the ones that are not, with this information Kudlers is able to determine what items would be put on their menu to entice customers.


The way that Kudler can determine its price is by knowing the community, competition, the cost of start-up, employees and preparation of meals. Unfortunately, with the quality of product that Kudler is providing the price for their food will be higher than their competition, but if Kudler can appeal to customers about their great quality and began to build loyal customers then they will pay the price because of the great quality. To be competitive in the market Kudler must be aware of the competition and the items and prices of their products and services. One of Kudler’s successful strategies is the focus on customer needs; these needs are met by offering an open menu with possible adjustments based on customer requests. With no set menu Kudler will be competitive in the market because they will cater specifically to each customer’s needs and their willingness to alter their menu keeps customers happy and coming back for future services. As a part of Kudler’s advertising strategy they need to focus on the customer satisfaction aspect and the openness to meeting and exceeding the customer requests received.

Promotion is the key to starting a new business and the right decisions must be made to be successful. Promoting communicate messages to potential customers and clients. Kudler already has a clientele base of customers due to their existing business that willcost them little to no money to advertise to them. With the use of existing customers Kudler will be able to get word out that they have started their catering business. When customers are satisfied with a service or product they will not only come back but began to recommend the services to their friends or anyone they come in contact with. Finding out the needs of potential customers and adding this key message to advertising will draw business. For specific forms of promotion Kudler should use newspapers, in-store fliers, direct mailers to current loyal customers, and advertising over the intercom at each store location. Technology will allow Kudler to be more efficiency, cut cost and labor. Kudler right now is not using technology to its full potential but as business begin to increase this will become important as the business grows and the clientele grows to an unmanageable amount. Organic growers will mesh well with the catering service because of the increasing interest in organic foods.

As Kudler continue to grow they must remember that the most important thing is to continue to satisfy their customers and meeting their needs. As the business grows they will need to upgrade on technology to cut down cost and labor to be more efficient. Kudler can also utilize their existing customer base to advertise their product as well, as customers continue to love the services offered the existing customers will recommend the services to their friends and so on. Marketing is essential for success, research and planning must be done in order to know what course of action to take. After the implementation phase Kudler can review and look back to see what results were achieved and were the processes was most beneficial for the company overall.


Kerin, R.A., Hartley, S.W., Berkowitz, E.N., Rudelius, W. (2006) Marketing. [University

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Learn Forex Become Rich Instantly!

By John Callingham

If you are dreaming of becoming rich without sweating that much, one of the best things that you have to do is to learn Forex- the process where in you use different kinds of currencies of the world to trade. Forex trading is usually done in the Forex market. Foreign exchange market is the busiest market in the world, with so many financial institutions engaged in trading all over the world. And with the advent of modern technology – like the internet – the numbers of traders have gone up dramatically.

The influxes of traders who populate the Forex market have encouraged more people to invest in the Forex market. However, no matter how lucrative this business for a lot of traders, there are also other people who fails because they do not know the basic strategies how to trade. Having said this, it is very important to learn first the basic skills when it comes to trading if you want to gain a lot of money and get rich instantly.

So, this is the time for you to learn Forex basics. But getting to the top of the ladder is not that easy, that is one very important thing that you should realize; it will require you a lot of perseverance in order for you to get what you want as far as Forex is concerned. One of the first things that you have to do especially if you are just an amateur trader is to get yourself forex trading robots – an automated trading program that opens and closes whenever the technical parameters are triggered. It has nothing to do with robots, really. Forex robot will actually teach you how to learn Forex because more often than not, this kind of forex systems makes the accurate trades at the perfect times. If you adapt the skills that are being shown by this system, you will likely on your way to getting rich.


That’s just the basic, here are the two most important lessons that you have adapt if you really want to learn Forex. Firstly, you have to find a really excellent broker, someone you can make business with for a very long period of time. Once you found someone like them, never let go of him or her. There may be a lot of brokers who offer their services but you really have to be careful in making trades because you never know if they really reputable or not. Since your money is at stake here, it would only be proper on your part to do some extensive inquiries about the reputation of the brokering services to whom you want to entrust your money.

Second thing in learn forex strategies is to always keep cool. Meaning, do not let your emotions get in your way when you are in the process of making decisions, most especially if you are in the middle of trading actions.

Any new aspiring traders in order to learn forex tricks in most advantageous ways should understand the basic market forex trades in order for him or her to gain a lot of profits.

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Are Timeshares Really Worth The Investment? What You Should Know Before Buying

By Nick Stoles

If you think only the rich can afford to buy their own vacation home, you’ve probably never heard of timeshares. Timeshares has actually made it possible for average folks to buy a share of a home, a vacation villa, a resort or a condo unit. But are they really worth the investment? Here are things you need to know:

What are timeshares?

A timeshare is one type of real property ownership, in which a person buys a share. This share gives him the right of use for that property. You don’t actually buy the property – you buy the right to use it for a specified period of time. This period of time is fixed, usually a week of every year or every other year, depending on the agreement. This means that for every type of property there is, there are multiple parties that have the rights of usage.

The term ‘timeshare’ can also be used to refer to real properties sold or rented in this manner. They could either be offered as part-ownership or right-to-use/lease. The latter doesn’t give the owner of the share any form of ownership claim to the property.

Why you might want it


A timeshare works well with people who regularly go on vacations each year and/or those who want to own vacation properties. It’s an excellent choice in case you and your family wish to enjoy time off at a particular resort and could mean a lot of savings on your part because the accommodation is already covered by your purchase of the share/s.

A timeshare can also be used in other ways. Depending on the type you bought, you could, for example, rent it out for a profit, sell it or give it as a gift to someone else.

Is it worth the investment?

A timeshare is not exactly an investment in the sense that it does not appreciate in value over time. In fact, in case you want to sell your timeshare in the future, there’s a good chance you might even have to sell it at a loss.

Furthermore, expect to pay for annual expenses to cover for administration, management and maintenance of the property. As to how much this is will depend heavily on the type of unit you have, its location and popularity.

So when is it a good investment?

A timeshare can be worth the investment for you if you travel frequently and stay in hotels. If there’s one or a few locations that you go to regularly or at least several times a year, buying a timeshare can help you save a few hundreds to a several thousand dollars each year.

A timeshare can also be worth the investment if the location is right. If you bought a timeshare resort condo unit in Hawaii but live in Ohio and frequently vacation in Florida or California, it won’t be of much use to you at all. Unless, of course, you rent it out, in which case you could earn. This is what many timeshare owners do, not only to turn a bit of profit but also to pay for their timeshare fees. However, that will depend of course on how popular the location and facilities included in your timeshare are. It will only have a good potential for generating income from rentals if there are people who find it attractive enough to actually rent.

So is a timeshare worth the investment? That will really depend on the type of circumstances involved in your case. Before buying a timeshare, consider the points discussed above so you make a more informed decision.

About the Author: Nick Stoles has contributed many articles on Timeshares topics like alternatives to timeshares. Want more timeshare tips? Visit for more information.


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