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Your Beautiful New Lawn From A Local Sod Farm In Wichita, Ks

byAlma Abell

A beautiful lawn is a welcoming sight to both you and your neighbors. When your lawn is healthy and green, it is easier to care for and maintain over time. Whether you are considering putting in an entirely new lawn or replacing areas that have been damaged by weather, grubs, or excessive amounts of weeds, you want to make sure the turf you put down is healthy and what is most recommended for the area. Get your sod from people who make beautiful green grass their business. When you buy from a local Sod Farm in Wichita, KS, you know you are getting the best there is available for your landscape project.


When you purchase your new lawn from your local Sod Farm in Wichita, KS, you know you are getting the freshest and best grade turf available to you. Fresh cut sod means you will be getting a quality product that is unharmed by exposure with healthy roots to take hold in your landscape. Warm weather or cold weather varieties are available. Discuss your needs with a specialist, and purchase your turf by the piece or the pallet depending on the size of the job you are completing. When you buy direct from the Sod Farm in Wichita, KS, you will have the opportunity to discuss your landscaping needs. Sod farmers make it their business to know about grasses and their care, and they can provide you with recommendations for maintaining a healthy lawn.

If you are just replacing a few pieces to repair damage in your lawn, or you are doing a complete lawn replacement, your job can be handled by your local Sod Farm in Wichita KS with their professional installation. You will want your new turf to be laid quickly to improve the growth and spread of the new grass. Ask your local professionals about delivery and installation. When you use a professional service from the source of your new sod, you can be confident that you will be pleased with both the product and their services. When you choose to use top quality sod over seeding or reseeding, your lawn is restored to a beautiful, green lush instantly.

If Buying Flowers In Charleston, Wv For Delivery Elsewhere; Can I See Them In Advance?

byAlma Abell

There are some unfortunate people who have allergies that can cause them to have to avoid being anywhere near to real flowers; but, for the majority of us, the sight of flowers blooming in their natural glory is a sight that fills us with joy and uplifts our spirits. This is why we so love to cut flowers and take them home to decorate our houses and other places; it is why we use flowers at various ceremonies throughout our lifetimes and even upon our deaths.

Since very few of us can actually grow, all the flowers that we might wish to use; flower sellers have long been a part of the daily commercial scene. Enterprising folk in the countryside would grow and nurture flowering plants of as wide a variety as possible and then, according to the seasons, cut the flowers and bring them into the towns for sale to the population there.


As our towns progressed; the flower farms were pushed further out into the countryside; but tended to become larger and would grow their flowers for bulk sales to enterprising people in the towns who set up flower shops or sizeable sidewalk stalls. Up to the early 1900’s people wanting flowers would have to go to a florist and purchase them – what happened next was up to the buyer; take them home for personal enjoyment or personally deliver them to someone else as a gift.

Take Away Yourself; Or, Have Them Delivered

The gift aspect changed when florists hit upon the idea of cooperating with each other so that a customer’s order placed in (say) Charleston, WV could be delivered to a nominated someone at a different location; the continuing introduction of ever more efficient communications systems expanded the scope of such remote deliveries to the point where, today, you can order Flowers In Charleston, WV that will be delivered very quickly to someone located literally anywhere in the world.

Naturally, if the order is for a delivery of flowers for Charleston, WV itself; the florist will send flowers from their own stock and you can go to their shop and judge the quality for yourself. However, flowers from Charleston, WV will not be actually sent when the destination is a considerable distance away; the order will be passed on to another florist (through an organization such as Florists’ Transworld Delivery) who will make the flower arrangement and pass it on to the requested recipient.

The family owned business of Young Floral can provide you with flowers in Charleston, WV and the surrounding area; or, they can arrange deliveries to anywhere else.

High Pressure Sodium Bulbs For Healthy Indoor Gardens

By Mark P Hudson

While it’s true that HPS bulbs and metal halide bulbs are both high intensity discharge lights, HPS lights produce a more efficient light that has a more ideal light spectrum for growing. 10 percent more efficient than metal halide lights, HPS lights focus a very bright reddish yellow light and completely omit blue or violet light, creating ideal growing light for growing and flowering.

In fact, HPS bulbs are 10 to 15 percent more efficient than a metal halide light. They also produce a higher amount of lumens per bulb, which measures the amount of light used against how much electricity you are using. Typically, HPS lights produce a yellow-orange light that has 97 to 150 lumens per watt. Metal halide lights typically produce 67 to 97 lumens per watt.

That added percentage adds up to more beautiful plants and a healthier harvest of vegetables from each plant. It also makes HPS lights more environmentally beneficial by providing better lighting for your plant with less electricity. The extra electrical savings are good not only for your wallet, but are also beneficial to the earth itself, leaving less of a carbon footprint. The impact of these lights is undetectable.


Keep in mind that High Pressure Sodium lamps need to be changed every year or so as they dramatically lose their performance after a growing season or two, resulting in less efficiency and more energy use. Older lights grow less healthy plants that produce lower yields.

High Pressure Sodium bulbs can also run considerably hot, so it’s always good to keep them a decent distance away from plants to avoid scorching them. Don’t move the lights too far from the plants, however. The amount of light weakens two fold as lights are placed away from plants. A light placed far away from a plant will give the plant considerably less light the farther away it is. It’s always best to keep plants as close as the light can get without scorching or damaging the plants. Good fans and adequate ventilation can keep plants cool and healthy.

High Pressure Sodium can be used to produce a healthy indoor garden, making year round fresh vegetables a reality. They are considerably less expensive than LED lights. While less efficient than LED, they work a little better than metal halide. With a little practice, you can learn the exact amount of light your plants need to grow and bloom beautifully, reaping a healthier harvest as your thumb grows greener.

It is also important to not put the HID light source to close to your plant. Since HID systems put off more heat than fluorescent lighting and LEDs. This could cause the plant to get burnt. Lower wattages should be placed 2-3 ft above the plant. Higher wattages (400W-1000W) should be place 4 to 6 feet from your gardening area.

HPS is optimal in the flowering and budding stages. They need to be supplemented by a light source to will help in the “growth phase” Metal Halide and Fluorescent work extremely well. If not, your plants will tend to get “leggy” and appear unhealthy.

About the Author: Just remember that

High Pressure Sodium

is ideal for flowering and budding stages but you should use Metal Halide for the growth phase. Using

hps lamps

will will give you a healthy and happy plant.


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How Do You Stop The Itch From Bed Bug Bites

As soon as they have done feeding they will probably return back into hiding where they can stay right until their next serving.

Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites!

The first indication of insect bites, it’s typical to assume that the bites were from either a insect, or a flea.However, bed bug bites are often identifiable when you know exactly what to look around for.A symptom of bedbug bites are flat, elevated welts underneath the skin that are itchy. After that, a person really should administer an antiseptic cream, take an oral antihistamine or put on a suggested anti-biotic skin cream(such as Cortaid Intensive Therapy Moisturizing Cream) to help get rid of the itch and begin healing the rash. Benadryl, Zyrtec and Claritin are all oral antihistamines that could be used to help improve the itchness. Antiseptic gels with a blend of diphendrydramine to help with the itching and pramoxine to help with the ache are highly effective treatments of bed bug bites.


Avoid Getting Bitten Again?

To exterminate the infestation and stop yourself from getting bitten once more, a good thing for you to do should be to look over your sleeping quarters, verify yourbedbug infestation and then speak to a professional bug control company for bedbugs extermination. Bedbug exterminators will understand the uneasiness that you will be suffering from and will know just how to eliminate them to provide you with freedom. It’s vital to start to get rid of them as soon as possible to stop the spread of them to neighboring bedrooms in your condo. A group ofbedbug exterminator specialists will have the practical knowledge and technological know-how to get rid of the bedbug infestation problem very quickly! They will incorporate a combo of pesticides and non-pesticide options to kill the bed bugs.

They will supply suggestions to empty out all shelves and seal clothing and sheets inside sealable storage containers or bags prior to the visit. You’ll need to thoroughly clean all bedding and clothing in hot water with tempuratures over 113 to kill the bed bugs. On the day of treatment, the bedbug exterminators will arrive and do a careful check, have a look at the bed mattresses, box springs, bedframes and cabinets for signs of bed bugs and tell you of the magnitude of bedbug infestation. Right after they have determined that you do have bedbugs they will require crystal clear access to all baseboards and furniture to be able to spray bedbug insecticide to kill them. They will spray the cracks and crevices, floor boards and proceed through a series of other stages to kill them. They will supply you with instructions in order to help to get rid of them such as vacuum-cleaning the rugs and carpeting along with different spots that they will hide, such as any cracks and crevices in the wall and the seams of the bed mattresses to terminate all nymphs or eggs. Though, you may want to dump out your mattresses completely and substitute it with a brand-new one! An additional recommendation is to encase all remaining mattresses in a bed bug proof mattress protective cover for long term bedbug protection and management.

The moment your house has actually been cared for, keep an eye out for any recurrence of bed bugs in case you need a second treatment of bedbug pesticide.

Treatment of Bedbug Bites!, How Do You Stop the Itch From Bedbug Bites?

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Eliminate the Itchiness from Bedbug bites by making use of these suggestions. For more details on bed bug bite medication, have a look at –Author: Deidra Cer

Discover How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Up Your Garden

Discover How to Stop Your Dog From Digging Up Your Garden


Morgan Montgomery

Discover How to Stop Your Dog From Digging Up Your Garden

First of all, you’re probably wondering why your dog is so fascinated by digging up your garden in the first place?

To a dog, a garden is a playground filled with all sorts of smells along with little critters that live in your garden. It’s pretty similar to a child’s reaction to a playground-so much things to discover and explore.

So the question is, how do you stop dog digging in your garden?


Here is a great little trick to deter your pet from playing in the garden. If you have a hose, attach a sprinkler to the end of the hose and set it next to your garden or where ever your dog likes to dig. Whenever your canine friend goes near your garden, turn on the sprinkler. Most likely your pet won’t like to get wet and will associate going near your garden with getting wet. Most importantly, don’t let your furry friend see you turn on the hose.

Another good way to stop your dog from digging your garden is a toy water gun or by a special nozzle for your hose so it can spray your pet from afar. When you do this, do not let your dog know that you are behind him getting wet, in fact try to get him wet very discreetly.

Other Causes to Dog Digging

Other causes for dog digging is that your dog may be bored. If he spends a lot of time in the yard by himself, he may not have enough mental stimulation so your pet digs out of boredom. This happens to a lot of dogs. Many pet owners over look how much a back yard needs to be equipped for a dog’s enjoyment and stimulation. What a dog needs most is food, water,shelter from the natural elements, mental and physical stimulation. If you have all these bases covered, your dog is less likely to resort to destructive behavior.

Make sure your pet has plenty of exercises. A lot more than just sending your dog in the backyard. Take your dog out for walks, throw a ball around with him, play fetch and so on. Another GREAT little toy that continually stimulates your dog is a kong. A kong is this toy that is filled with little morsels of food that will stimulate your pet to find ways to get the treat out.This activity can keep your furry friend busy for several hours, even if you’re not at home.

Stimulate your dog’s mind by having a designated place for your dog to dig. Create a sandbox and bury toys and bones for your pet to dig up. This will keep your dog busy and he can get his need to dig met and keep from ruining your beautiful garden. Introduce your dog to the new sandbox by having pieces of the toys exposed and pretend you found the most valuable treasure in the world. Your pet will catch on that there is more treasures that need to be found. If you see that this still doesn’t deter your dog from digging up the garden, every time you see your four legged pet near your garden, redirect your dog’s attention back to the sandbox.

Remember, it’s always best to get to the root of the problem before you consider getting another dog to keep your dog company. Imagine….thinking you’ve solved your problem and have two digging dogs.

Got other dog related issues? If so, you should definitely check out

Stop Dog From Digging

, and

Secrets to Dog Training


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Intelligence Degree And Intelligence Study Programs Are Beneficial For Students With Focused Career Path

By Daniel Sommer


While the intelligence field and the art of intelligence gathering have been around longer than nation states, there has been significant growth in strategic security- related curriculum such as intelligence degree programs and intelligence study courses over the past decade. In addition to the growing number of both online and traditional degree programs in this field, government agencies even have their own programs dedicated to intelligence study. Since September 11th, research indicates that over 250 strategic security- related degree programs have been created. Scholars debate whether future intelligence analysts are best served by a traditional liberal arts program focused on area studies or a more direct program in intelligence study. I suggest, however, that intelligence study and organized intelligence degree programs fit a niche for specific individuals who already have a specific career goal in mind – intelligence analysis. This article discusses the curriculum and theory behind intelligence degree programs and provides some info on why such programs are useful.

Anatomy of an Intelligence Degree Program


Intelligence degree programs and intelligence study courses fit within the growing body of strategic security curriculum in the United States and abroad. Strategic security can be defined as the multidisciplinary, global view of past, present, and future security issues that permits the timely accumulation of accurate, objective knowledge, which may be acted upon skillfully and rapidly in the deterrence of threats. Strategic security is the basis of fields such as intelligence, counterterrorism, and homeland security.

The overarching purpose of intelligence is to collect and analyze information that is relevant to ever-changing national security requirements. Intelligence degree programs and intelligence study programs help to ensure that the people and processes involved in these efforts are effective and germane. The U.S. Intelligence Community and related federal law enforcement agencies are in need of experts in analytic tradecraft – individuals who have a broad understanding of the many threats facing the U.S. from terrorists and other belligerent state and non-state actors.

Intelligence study and intelligence degree programs are typically designed to prepare students to understand the dynamic threats facing one’s country in an uncertain security environment. While some intelligence degree programs are topical or thematic in nature, such as those which focus specifically on terrorism, other programs focus on the analytics behind intelligence analysis, thus helping to develop students’ critical thinking skills. Such programs concentrate on one or more function within intelligence operations: collection, analysis, counterintelligence, and/or covert action. Well- rounded intelligence degree programs encompass the art and science of how intelligence professionals employ analytic and operational tradecraft to achieve their goals and objectives.

Intelligence Degree Program Value

Stephen Fowler, the Education Practices Chairmen of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE), in an essay on national security intelligence analysis courses discusses the increased growth of intelligence degree programs and the field of intelligence study. He questions whether these programs are truly preparing students to become intelligence analysts and whether such programs are better than traditional liberal arts programs that teach students to think. He suggests that good intelligence study programs include the following components: the development of problem-solving skills and sound reasoning strategies, some focus on an analytic framework such as a regional, country, or a functional-specific theme (terrorism), basic warning theories and indicator development, analytical tradecraft methodologies, and intelligence analytic writing and briefing techniques.

Strong intelligence degree programs will include these components and thus are a good option for bachelor’s or master’s degree students who know that a career in the intelligence field is right for them. Bottom line: intelligence degree programs are great for those individuals who know they are interested in a career in intelligence. By developing critical thinking skills and tradecraft through specific coursework and research within the intelligence field, students will be learning these skills through a medium which is relevant to their future job and will therefore be ready to hit the ground running in the intelligence field.

About the Author: Daniel Sommer is Director of Marketing for Henley-Putnam University which offers accredited online BS and MS Degrees in Intelligence Management, Terrorism & Counterterrorism Studies, and Management of Personal Protection, and a Doctoral Degree Program in Strategic Security. For more info on Henley-Putnam, Intelligence Degrees or Intelligence Studies, visit


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