By Charles Lee Iner

Improvement location surveys are intended to depict on-site property improvements that have been proposed or to record existing or recent improvements that have been made on a property. These surveys ensure that improvements are within the boundary lines of the property and are not lying in setbacks or other rights-of way or easements. The need for land surveying is because of a need for accurate property records and assurance of compliance within building regulations and land use, as well as to confirm zoning requirements are met within a building project. Any time that improvements are made to a property, it is typical to get a survey performed so that the property can be verified for accuracy and regulated use. These survey drawings may be required by local zoning authorities or by mortgage companies. It is also useful to have an improvement location survey completed before purchasing a home to be sure that you are not buying a property with encroachment issues.

There are a variety of different types of equipment that can be used in land surveying for improvements on a property, and these tools make it easy for surveyors to get the information that they need much quicker than ever before. Identifying property improvements through a survey is necessary for many renovations or modifications that are made to a property for legal reasons. Keep in mind that improvement surveys are NOT the same as Improvement Location Certificates (ILCs), and that a certificate is not for the use of a property owner.

A certificate of improvement locations is simply for the title insurance company and/or the mortgage broker, and people need to be certain that they are actually getting a survey when they request one. Certificates will be cheaper and require less time to complete, but they are not going to provide what most land owners need when they are seeking improvement location surveys. Home owners and land owners need to be cautious in seeking this type of survey and ensure that they are actually getting a survey done on the property that is useable for their needs.

Improvement location surveys are ideal for property owners to have proof that their improvements are within regulations and approved by regulating authorities. They help to keep the property deed record updated so that the county can track the property exactly as it is and ensure that its use falls within legal allowance. Getting land and building surveys done can be a complicated process for some people, but taking the time to understand what you are getting involved with will often make it easier than you might realize. In order to know whether an improvement location survey is necessary for you, check with your regulating authorities to see what they require or call your local professional land survey company.

Although professional land survey companies that do improvement location surveys are not hard to find, a home owner should do background research and keep in mind though that not all land survey companies provide the same level of service.

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