Chinese new year is the most important and the enjoyable day in Chinese tradition.This day on Chinese new year is often known as lunar new year specially but the people of China and Taiwan.According to the Chinese calender this day falls on the first day 14th the very first month and end up on the 15th day which is called lantern festival.the eve of Chinese new year is named as “Chuxi” which means the “year pass eve”.It is the most longest and important festival in lunar calender.The first day of the new year is celebrated with full enthusiasm and charm where some families invite people for the lion dance which is the most famous form of dance among Chinese.For Buddhists, the first day is also the birthday of Maitreya Bodhisattva.As to celebrate this day a substitute, large-scale fireworks have been launched by the governments in cities like Hong-Kong to offer citizens the experience and enjoyment of this festival.In some places there is a official holiday but in some places people join there friends to have a great party for the same.The next day of Chinese new year is special for the married daughters as they have opportunity to visit their parents because traditionally daughters who are married are not allowed to visit there parents frequently.In short note the Chinese new year is a symbol of happiness and joy for every people and the live this moment at the fullest.

Lunar new year refers the beginning of the year.People think that this lunar new year is related to the lunar calender but this is not true.The festival begins on the full moon day of the new year and end up on the 15th day.The lunar new year is celebration of change.This festive holiday is celebrated for about two weeks.This day is equally important as new year where people dress up nicely and decorate there homes and meet there families and friends and forget all the grudges.People give their friend gifts and card to show the way the care and how much the love them.Lunar new year also refer as the tiger year which is going to be celebrated on Feb. 6,2010.The most important thing which not many people know is that this lunar new year is not only the celebration day of Chinese new year but also the celebration day of Korea new year which is often known as Solnal.The event used an American tradition a parade to showcase traditional Chinese cultural themes.


Easter is the most important feast day in christian calender .This day is celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ crucifixion.This event is very unusual because the two branches of Christianity have different methods for calculating the correct date for Easter. There are only few years in century which matches the day of Easter.The 4th day of Easter weekend is the end of the summer season for many Australians.There are many special events and services which are offered in churches to show there belief and faith.There are also a range of local Easter festivals across the country. In Easter eggs were delivered and they are given by bunny and rabbits.There are wide range of symbols associated with Easter which are cross of Jesus Christ,empty tomb and the white and gold vestments worn by priests and several leaders of church.Other symbols are chocolates,eggs,ornaments etc.

Valentines day is also known as saint’s valentines day which is celebrated on 14th feb. among the world.In English countries this day mark up for those who are in love and can express there love and affection an this day.Valentine symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. On this day people show there love by gifting and by giving cards and chocolates to their loved ones.In the United States, Miss Esther Howland is given credit for sending the first valentine cards and that is why this day is also known as Holland holiday.

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