Cave Temples Bedami Present a Fusion of Architecture, Beauty and Divinity


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The land of Bedami is well-known for its Cave temple. Dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries, these temples lie at Bagalkot district of Karnataka. The temples showcase the finest architectural style of the ancient times. Known as the remarkable temples to Karnataka, the cave temples boast of outstanding architecture.

Acclaimed for being the ancient kingdom of Chalukyas, Bedami has got the architectural style from them. Bedami Cave temple is the finest example of Chalukyan style of architecture. Carved out of sandstone hills, Bedami Cave temples boast of their rock-cut architecture.

There are four cave temples in Bedami. All of them enclose superb carvings along with the sculptures of Hindu Gods. The structure is a perfect blend of Nagara and Dravidian architectural styles. Each cave includes a sanctum, veranda, hall and pillars. Excellent carvings and exquisite sculptures decorate the site of temples.

Let us explore these cave temples that are known as the prime Bedami attractions.



Counted among the famous Bedami tourist places, the first cave is believed to be built in 578 A.D. You can even access the cave by climbing 40 steps. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the cave treasures 81 sculptures of Lord Shiva which are visible in the form of \’Natraj\’ who have 18 arms. Built of red sandstone, the cave also houses an open veranda, a hall with innumerable columns and a sanctum. The pillars and ceilings are adorned with paintings of ardent couples.


Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this cave positions itself at the apex of a sandstone hill. Lord Vishnu is visible in the form of a \’Trivikrama\’ (dwarf). His one foot is commanding the Earth whereas from another he is mastering the sky. Another form of Vishnu is presented here as \’Varaha\’ or a boar. One can also see Vishnu riding the Garnda and lotus enveloped by sixteen fishes. Adding new height to Bedami tourism, the temple is worth to visit.


Elevated on a hill, the third Cave temple has its origin in 578 A.D. The front ascent of the cave is about 70 ft wide. The beautiful carvings of the images of ganas , visible on the platform hold tourists attention. The structure of the temple evokes the memories of Deccan architectural style. It is fine example of artistic feature and sculptural genius. The sculpture of God Vishnu along with a serpent holds the attention. Visitors can see several incarnations of Lord Vishnu including Varaha, Narsimha, Trivikarma and Harihara (Shiva-Vishnu).


The fourth Cave temple boasts of being dedicated to the 24th Tirthankara of the Jains-Lord Mahavira. It is believed to be the latest one. The origin of this cave temple is in the 7th century, near about 100 years after the development of previous three caves. Tourists can also behold the image of Lord Mahavira in a sitting posture in this shrine.

Known as the landmark of the city,

Cave temple Bedami

holds tourists\’ attention with their unexplored charm.

Bedami tourism

is gaining popularity due to its caves with outstanding architecture.

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