Texas man alive after floating in Gulf of Mexico for 31 hours

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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A Texas man was rescued earlier this week after being adrift at sea for 31 hours, according to media reports on Monday. Joey Trevino, 37, was stranded along with three other men after their boat quickly sank off the coast of Port O’Connor, Texas.

With only their life jackets as support, the men floated in the water, unsure if they would be rescued. Reportedly, the boat sank before the men could radio for help. Trevino told reporters he could see the right-most engine at the rear of the boat sinking as the front of the boat rapidly elevated.

Three of the men were rescued by a supply boat about 24 hours after the sinking. The US Coast Guard was then notified that Trevino was still lost at sea. He was rescued 7 hours later, when a passing freight ship heard his cries for help. Reportedly, Trevino floated about 50 miles before being rescued. A Coast Guard spokesman stated that water temperatures in the mid-80’s was a positive factor in Trevino’s survival.

To maintain strength, Trevino told reporters, “You’re looking at the clouds, you’re looking at whatever.” He also stated he spoke to his wife, and to his children in hopes they could feel him speaking to them. Trevino stated he did wonder to himself, “Wow, should I just take off this jacket, and let it be over?” His courage was bolstered when he was bumped by a porpoise. “He kind of bumped me and I kind of rubbed him and he kind of changed my attitude right there,” Trevino told media.

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