byAlma Abell

Whether you own your own home or whether you rent a home, experiencing a clogged drain is nothing unusual. Clogged drains can happen for a number of different reasons. However, knowing when to contact a professional plumber and when to handle the situation yourself is something that many people who experience clogged drains grapple with. They’re are numerous occasions where a clogged drain may only require some over-the-counter products or drain cleaners to rectify. Bathrooms, especially the sinks where men shave will experience a great deal of buildup and occasionally a drain cleaner chemicals are needed to clear out this buildup.


In some cases, if the build up is significant enough, you may need to look for a drain snake which can help clear out those clogs that have excessively built-up over time. However, these drain issues are fairly common, as mentioned earlier and typically can be taken care of by you as the homeowner. There are those occasions where a clogged drain may be a bit more problematic and may require the experience of a professional rather than using a snake to drain the clogged or chemicals that you can buy the store.

For example, if your shower drain is clogged, it’s typically not a good idea to use chemicals in these types of drains. In addition, if the clogged is further into the drainage pipe, the average residential drain snake is not going to reach these areas with the type of force necessary to dislodge the clogged. This is where professional using a motorized and self-guided snake can get to clogs.

If you were to experience a clog in your kitchen sink drain, especially one that has a garbage disposal, the drain will need be access from elsewhere and often times, you will need a motorized self-guided snake to unclog the drain and these types of tools are typically used by a professional plumber.

Regardless of what drain happens to be clogged, if you have a clogged drain that you can’t seem to clear out, DRAIN RIGHT SERVICES might be the best option for you. With their experience at unclogging some of the most stubborn drain clogs and with every tool imaginable that can be used to clear out your drains, if you have a clogged drain, there are few services better suited to deal with your drain issues.