First Nestorian search engine goes online

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Recently the first ever Nestorian Search Engine went online currently offering users more than a million resources…

The Web site says that is the “official Search Engine for all things Nestorian.” The Nestorian Search Engine has materials ranging from Assyrian, Chaldean, Biblical languages, Aramaic, Hebrew, Christianity, Judaism, Armenian texts, and much more.

This is the only Nestorian Search Engine on the Internet. Spokesman Marcus Levine said, “Our Search Engine spiders the internet on a daily basis for Nestorian related Web sites and research materials in general.” Levine said the Nestorian Search Engine is an ongoing project.

“We are working on many features that will be of interest to Nestorians and all Christians in general such as recipes from Nestorians around the world. Users will soon be able to post their own recipes or request others. Get breaking news from your city, state or country through the free service as well as local weather – users can find out what the weather’s like in their area or anywhere in the world”, Levine said.

The Nestorian Search Engine will also include a service called “Nestorian Books”, which Levine said would serve as a “book finder and publishing service. We will be offering a free print-on-demand service. You can upload a PDF or MS Word doc of your manuscript and the service will publish it. The search engine will also be able to find online books within just a matter of seconds.”

Other features the Nestorian Search Engine will include:

  • Nestorian Q&A – Nestorian Question and Answer. Post a question and get an answer from a clergy person with the Nestorian Orthodox Church.
  • Nasrani Blog – Users can sign up for a free blog and post their thoughts daily, every other day, or weekly with the free service.
  • The Global Nestorian – This is the search engine in the user’s own language. Soon users will be able to search Nestorian sites in many different languages.
  • Free Translation Service – Need a translation of a verse or passage in the Scriptures? Want to see your congregation’s name in another language such as Nasramit, Hebrew or Aramaic? Users will be able to post translation requests and get their answer emailed to them.
  • Nestorian Chat – Users will be able to start chatting soon with fellow Nestorians worldwide with the free Nestorian toolbar.
  • Photo Gallery – Find Nestorian graphics, create your own Nestorian photo gallery or view other galleries with the click of a button.

You can visit the beta site of the Nestorian search engine by going to this link: [1] The Nestorian Search Engine is provided by the Nasrani-Kazaam Software Foundation and sponsored in part by the Nasrani Church of the East and Abroad which is also known officially in many parts of the world as The Nestorian Orthodox Church.

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