Women are more suffering from spots for the duration of maturity than men. Women usually tend to become acne for the duration of menstruation, maternity and menopause than any other part of their lives. There are certain methods of care are effective, but they also have adverse effects over the person, as babies born with deformities. Poor hygiene and elevated levels of pressure could also cause acne in adults. Old age is a limitation that the efficacy of treatments for adult acne determined. The direct role of anxiousness having acne has been questioned, but it really is true the fact that museum will contribute to more acne. Expanded stress lead to reduced food intake, that is ultimately in acne. In some cases, the acne is likely to cause stress. Alternative factors such as longer labor under the sun, working with lubricant and greasy substances can also cause acne. The skin secretes oil to prevent excessive drying caused by the sun. This blocks the pores of the skin. The fear, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders are able to promote the outbreak of acne. Accutane is an important treatment option for adult acne. The efficacy of Accutane to cure adult acne is much discussed, and the talks are still ongoing. Although there is evidence that Accutane cures acne in a large scale, we must not forget that it causes some unwanted side effects. It is effective against cystic acne and pimples. Nausea, headache, corneal ulcer, and stomach discomfort are other side effects of this drug, in addition to side effects in pregnant women. Dry skin, nose bleeds and muscle pain are also on the treatment of adult acne. In view of these effects into account, it is important for everyone to use it under the correct advice from a dermatologist to. Another drug that is used in the treatment of adult acne is spironolactone. But it is only suitable for women. The absorption of androgenic hormones is determined by this method of treatment, which controls consequently controls the secretion of excess oil. Oral contraceptives are prescribed at the same time as spironolactone, to increase their effectiveness. This medication has side effects too low and, among them BP, headache and dry mouth. Detergents, astringents and tonics, which contain mixtures of alcohol and acetone are used for the treatment of adult acne, in those days. These two elements alone are not effective in the treatment of acne, but the combination was able to kill bacteria and remove dirt. Chemicals such as sulfur and resorcinol are also able to eliminate dead cells and clearing pores. The effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of adult acne treatment is under review. Mild to moderate acne only require acupuncture ear whereas calls from a severe acne acupuncture body. Changes in lifestyle and diet may reduce the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of adult acne. Treatments for adult acne include natural aromatherapy. Bacteria growth is a combination of different aromatic oils such as jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and myrrh. There are such a lot of different methods of treatment of adult acne that causes acne. Available in the comprehensive study of the various treatment options to help you in selecting the strategy that suits you best.