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Sweets And Desserts In Indian Cooking

Sweets and Desserts in Indian Cooking


Silvia Blach

Indian food has been popular across the world because of its diversity and uniqueness. Particularly, Indian sweets and desserts are becoming increasingly popular because of their tempting taste. Mithai are part of the life of the Indians and play an important role in their cooking.

An Indian meal is always incomplete without sweet dish like gulab jamun or kulfi or jalebi. These sweets, which are also known as mithai in India, are created from various ingredients ranging from fruits to vegetables, from milk to grain. Below are some of the mouth watering Indian sweets and desserts that you must try out.


Parwal Ki Mithai is an Indian dry sweet that is an all time favorite in the region of Bihar. Its outer covering is parwal (a popular vegetable in Indian) while its inside is made up of sweets mixed with milk products. Khaja is another sweet popular in Bihar. It dates back from 2000 years ago and is also a dry sweet stuffed with liquid sweets inside. This delightful sweet easily melts in the mouth.

Another Indian sweet, probably the most well known is the rasagolla, or cheeseball in sugar syrup. This mithai can be found everywhere in India and is considered to be a national sweet. This syrupy dessert is most abundant in Orissa situated in the east coast of India, the place where the recipe for this sweet originated. Rosogolla is made from cottage cheese boiled in sugar syrup and set to dry.

Apart from the sweets mentioned above, there are a whole lot more sweets that are famous in India and all over the world. The next set of Indian sweets that we will be mentioning are those made from milk and dairy products, something that is special in the Indian cooking.

First in the list is the Ras Malai, a delicacy that is usually served chilled and soaked in thickened milk flavored with spices such as pistachio, almond, saffron strands and cardamom. This Bengali mithai resembles a dumpling made from cottage cheese and is a highly popular sweet among all Diwali sweets and also one of the easiest to make. Another dumpling like sweet is the Gulab Jamoon regarded as the king of all Indian sweets often eaten at festivals or major celebrations, such as marriages and Eid and most often eaten after dinner. It is made of a dough consisting mainly of thickened milk and glazed in a sugary syrup flavored with cardamom and, depending on the recipe, rosewater or saffron. This very sweet and rich dessert got its name from the word Gulab meaning rose from the rose flavored sugar syrup and Jamun meaning blueberry from the dark color when it s cooked. Unlike the Ras Malai, this sweet is served at room temperature or warmand is sometimes eaten with ice cream. For best result, immerse the gulab jamuns in syrup overnight. Chum Chum, on the other hand, are sweets intended for loved ones and are also called Pleasure Boats.

Mentioned above are just some of the hundreds of sweet varieties that could be found in India. There are many more to discover and try. A list of other traditional sweets are Chiroti, Paal poori, Peni, Basundi, Puran Poli, Karanjia, Boondi and Dal Seera. Other sweets served occasionally or during special days are burfis, halwas and ladoos. Burfis include Mysore Pak, Kaju(Cashewnut) Burfi, Besan Burfi and Milk and Coconut Burfi. Halwas and Laddus include Gajar ka Halwa, Besan Laddoo, Coconut Ladoo, Chickoo Halwa, and Dryfruits halwa.

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Benefits Of Granite Kitchen Countertops Minneapolis

byAlma Abell

Granite is one of the most cost effective, durable and practical countertop options. It is a beautiful natural stone that’ll add warmth and color to your kitchen. In addition, granite is a very tough and highly resistant material which can sustain its properties in practically any environment. Granite’s hardness is second only to diamond, the hardest natural material in the world. In fact, diamonds are utilized to cut as well as polish granite.

The popularity of granite countertops has increased dramatically over the past ten years, and, as such, prices have reduced considerably. This natural stone is available in several different colors, from different tones of white to reds, browns, blues, greens, black and blues. The most popular shades are beige and brown. Granite kitchen countertops Minneapolis can withstand hot items like pans and pots, and are highly resistant to stain when it is sealed using a silicone based sealant.

Granite kitchen countertops Minneapolis are unique for the reason that no two granite pieces are exactly alike. What this means is that each natural granite countertop is a beautiful, one of a kind masterpiece. Granite kitchen countertops can create an elegance and brilliance that’s only found in nature. These countertops possess a natural loveliness that can complement any style of cabinets or tone of wood. It does not matter whether you intend to remodel your present kitchen or build a new house, with a granite kitchen countertop, you can be certain that you’ll add value to your house.

Even though granite countertops can be a little costly to install, they’ll pay for themselves in the end. When you decide to sell your house, you will discover that home purchasers who want granite kitchen countertops will be prepared to pay you more for your house than if you installed plastic laminate or ceramic tile. If you are looking to replace your old countertop with granite, make sure you hire a professional granite installer, such as Granite Unlimited Inc. to do the job for you. If you plan to install new kitchen cabinets during your kitchen remodeling project, ask your granite fabricator or installer what they suggest for cabinetry.

Why Don T You Switch To A Modular Kitchen?

Why Don t You Switch to a Modular Kitchen?



Nowadays, maximum people are switching from old traditional kitchens to modular kitchens. The old kitchens appeared to be dingy and unorganized. Whereas, the advanced technology provides with the kitchens that suits the individuals. It also allows every individual to consider their preference.

Are you also thinking of remodeling your kitchen, but scared of the time and cost it takes? Are you worried about the kitchen being un-operational for a long period of time? Are you thinking of the dust and dirt you will have to live with, till the construction is complete? Well, if you really want to transform your traditional kitchen into modular one, below are some advantageous tips.


There are many ways of transforming a kitchen. Different kitchen counterparts can be used; some of them are granite, living stone and quartz. The living stone or the solid surface countertop that is used to make kitchen, is man-made. It consists of 100% acrylic material which has a uniform appearance. The pattern and color of this counterpart are consistent. It can also be renewed and is not destructible. In fact, the product made after using this counterpart gives the feel and vision of the product that we usually see in an expensive showroom.

The other counterpart used for transformation is Kitchen granite. Granite, a natural product, is crystalline in structure. A crack can be seen in the kitchen granite due to the natural fissures. But these cracks do not affect the functionality of the material. Unlike living stone, the appearance in kitchen granite is not uniform. It is next to impossible to hide the seams in this type of counterpart. Despite some disadvantages, there are many benefits of using granite. Firstly, kitchen granite is very durable and it is not easily harmed. Secondly, these countertops provide uniqueness. Every granite counterpart provides a different pattern, color, design, look etc. Lastly, kitchen granite is very affordable and is one of the cheap countertop. The advanced technology leads to a lot of changes in granite transformation. A streamlined process in kitchen granite helps in producing less waste and also takes less time.

Quartz, also called engineered stone, is another countertop used in making a modular kitchen. This man-made countertop is a mixture of quartz (93%), pigments & binders (7%). It is resistant to mold and mildew. The most important characteristic of engineered stone is that it is extremely hygienic which helps in making and keeping the food safe. It also has uniform appearance, consistent pattern and color.

With the growing need of utensils, groceries, food items etc., it has now become essential to have a modular kitchen. It is a very clean and sleek way of maintaining everything in the kitchen. The well planned space utilization proves to be very effective. In fact, a lot more space can be created for storage even in a small kitchen, if there is proper space management.

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