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My Basic Herb Garden Tips Talkin Dirt On Planting An Herb Garden With Chives Plants

Submitted by: PA Cloar

You can dive into planting a basic herb garden in sublime blissful ignorance. Especially if you choose chives plants as your path into herb gardening. I speak from earthy experience. Despite a bucketful of blunders and missteps, my chives plants were thriving and bountiful.

I admit a happy chance landed chives plants into my life some years ago. Yes, I stumbled into beginning my basic herb garden by planting chives plants aplenty! Usually people are led into planting an herb garden by their love of cooking with herbs. Nope. Not in my case. Although an avid novice gardener, herbs were totally lacking from my cooking. But, an encounter with chives plants in my herb garden changed all that. The entire experience drew me to introduce you to chives as an herb plant for your garden and share my tips and discoveries gardening with chives herbs taught me.

Typically people think of chives as these dried up little green pieces that look like cuttings from your lawn. Sadly little taste survives in this dried version. Most of us get introduced to using chives as an herb simply as a condiment for a baked potato…sour cream with chives. Due to its past classification as a common household herb, the fascinating features of chives as a plant and herb have been much maligned. Here’s what I unearthed as a beginner planting an herb garden when I somehow mistakenly ordered 9 chives plants, but intended to get only 1.

The Basics -Chives Plants In Your Herb Garden

Chives are part of the onion family but the flavor is much milder and more subtle. Until you’ve tasted fresh chives you won’t believe the difference in taste from those dried up commercial counterparts you buy at the store! Chives grow in clumps, which is why they’re always referred to as plural. The upright green shoots that grow from the clumps are really called the leaves of the plant.

Growing chives is a dream for beginners in basic herb gardening. I’m prime proof of how easy it is. In fact, for ease of growing I put them in the category of daylilies because they’re so indestructible no matter the amount of rain or scorching heat. I was clueless how to plant my chives plants (or any herb) in the garden when they arrived. Somehow they’ve survived in the clay soil of hot Kentucky summers for almost a decade now. You can even dig up their roots (actually little onion-like bulbs), divide them, and replant them just like daylilies! Although chives plants are best planted in a healthy mixture of soil, peat, sand and compost, my ignorance proves chives plants do well as long as they have plenty of sun and some water now and then.

In my accidental adventure in herb garden planting, I discovered chives plants are perennial! That means, the plant dies back through the winter and sprouts new leaves in the spring. Perennials make a gardener’s life far easier simply because they DO automatically emerge every year without my help. Also in the spring, the chives plant produces a bounty of beautiful purple “pom-pom” flowers that sprout up on tall stems. Who knew growing chives produced beautiful flowers as well? The flowers, similar in shape to the flowers in clover but bigger, can be used in dried ornamental bouquets, too. The bees happen to love those flowers. Just by growing my chives plants, there’s this added benefit of attracting the bees for pollinating some of my other garden plantings. The flowers are edible, but frankly I haven’t given that a try.

Another side benefit for my outdoor garden is the chives plants actually protect my other plants and flowers from unwanted insects–like aphids. Insects apparently find chives to be repulsive. You can also use the juice of the leaves as a repellant. The juice is equally repugnant to pests. The chives plants themselves are very hardy and don’t seem to be prone to diseases (or pests).

Chives Herb Garden Basics – Culinary Captions

Chives are chock full of vitamin A and C, plus calcium and iron. A great choice to flavor foods, cut chives are fat free and combine well with more than sour cream and cream cheese. I found them a winning alternative to salt seasoning. Harvesting chives is a simple task. Simply snip some of those leaves (the soft green shoots) down to the base. The chives plants will continue replenishing itself by regrowing the leaves continuously during its growing season.

Chop the leaves into smaller pieces and use them fresh. The oils of the plants are its seasoning source. By chopping the leaves, the oils are released to flavor your food along with an arresting aroma. Store what you don’t use in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for about a week. Postpone washing the chives until you use them. The extra moisture will make them wilt and decay rapidly.

Add them for flavoring to perk up your soups, sandwiches, fish, vegetable dishes, sauces, and salads. The vast variety of culinary uses can ignite those creative juices and rock your recipes. For instance, I have a friend whose family loves to enjoy ‘chives sandwiches’ every spring. Avoid the mistake of growing chives as a basic garden herb simply for a garnish…it’s so much more versatile. Try using them to make an herb vinegar. A low cost gift exhibiting your new talents in herb garden planting without revealing you’re a beginner!

About the Author: Don’t waste an abundant harvest of chives plantings from your herb garden. They can be dry-frozen and will keep for months using my 3 short steps explained for both outdoor and

indoor vegetable gardening

to reap year round enjoyment. Or get more discoveries in the dirt at my blog on

indoor vegetable and herb gardening



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How To Get Relief From A Toothache}

How to Get Relief from a Toothache


Jordan Rocksmith

Most people get toothaches throughout their lives. While they are usually not severe and often go away on their own, a persistent toothache can still make your life miserable. The most common causes of toothaches are cavities, infections, cracked teeth, exposed nerves, and joint disorders like TMJ disorders. Emergency dentists in Ocala, FL, can help you identify the source of your toothache. Find out when to visit a dentist for a toothache and what you can do to relieve your pain in the meantime.

Change Your Toothbrush

Its easy for people with sensitive gums to get toothaches. Some people naturally have very sensitive gums, while others have a condition like gingivitis that makes the mouth overly sensitive. If you notice that your gums and teeth are sensitive, try switching to a toothbrush with very gentle bristles. If your gum sensitivity is due to gingivitis, meanwhile, visit a dentist to help you get rid of the inflammation.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can help numb the painful area in your mouth temporarily. Dont apply the ice directly to your tooth for long periods of time because the extreme cold can damage your tissues. Instead, wrap it in a plastic bag and a thin cloth like a dishcloth. You can apply this makeshift ice pack directly to the sore tooth or on your cheek over the painful area. Keep it in place for about 15 minutes.

Warm Compress


If you prefer, you can use heat instead of ice to sooth your painful teeth and gums. Heat doesnt usually help in the case of inflammation or gum disease, but it can relax tense muscles in your jaw. Warm compresses are the best way to relieve toothaches caused by joint pain like TMJ disorders. Soak a washcloth in hot water, wring out the excess water, and hold it to the painful area for 10 or 15 minutes. You can repeat this as often as necessary to get rid of persistent pain.

Salt Water

Warm salt water is a popular remedy for relieving toothaches. Dissolve about 1 teaspoon of salt in hot water, and use it as a mouthwash. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day. The warm water will help soothe the painful area and bring you instant relief. The salt provides more long-term relief by cleansing the area from bacteria and reducing painful swelling.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Similar to salt water, hydrogen peroxide helps kill bacteria in your mouth, so it can relieve toothaches caused by infection or disease. If your toothache is accompanied by fever and a bad taste in your mouth, it is probably caused by an infection. You can find 3% hydrogen peroxide at your grocery store with other first aid supplies. While it is generally safe, you should still be careful when using it. Use it as a mouthwash–dont swallow it–and be careful not to let it get in your eyes.

Home Remedies

People have been looking for easy home remedies for toothaches as long as there have been toothaches. Just ask your parents and grandparents, and theyll probably regale you with their favorite tried and true method. Some of the most popular home remedies include the following:


Cloves or clove oil


Tea (as a mouthwash)

Tea bags (as a compress over the sore area)

Visit the Dentist

Its perfectly normal to have a toothache that lasts a couple of days. Try a few home remedies and make sure to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly, and the pain should go away on its own. If the pain continues, or if your toothache occurs after trauma to the face like a car accident, visit a dentist as soon as possible. Emergency dentists in Ocala, FL, can check your tooth for damage or infection that will help you address the root of your problem and eliminate your toothache.

Thank you for choosing the office of Gregory A. Parker D.D.S. (

) for your dental needs. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the finest dental care in a pleasant, caring, atmosphere. For

Emergency Dentists in Ocala FL

visit us.

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How to Get Relief from a Toothache

Are You Minding Your P’s And Q’s…}

Submitted by: Anne Marie Baugh

Most specifically, Passion, Persistence, Pride, and Quality? Does your business represent all of these to the consumer? As a publicist, I have found that all of my successful clients have these four qualities in spades. They don’t just have these qualities, they improve on them daily to bring a dynamic sizzle to their business. The fact is that people like to do business with people who vibrate with electric acumen. It isn’t loud. It isn’t hypy. It doesn’t blare in your face. It’s a quiet confidence. It is something you *feel* from the individual, not something the individual tells you. This is success.

Ever hear the story about the keys? A person thinks he is successful when he has a pocket full of keys? Then as he really grows into success, he realizes that it isn’t a pocket full of keys, it’s one key that opens everything. You’re the key, one key with all the qualities to make your business work for you and it all starts with minding your P’s and Q’s.


Passion: Simply put if your not doing something that snaps you out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face and adventure in your heart, then you are in the wrong business and it’s time to make a change. Passion resonates in everything you do. Will you have it everyday? Nope. Can it be nurtured? Yep. If you are otherwise quite passionate about your business but find yourself in a bit of a slump, take a look at your life. A life out of balance will spin passion right smack to the bottom of the perverbial empty bucket. The fact is passion doesn’t survive on lack of sleep, lack of exercise, or lack eating. It doesn’t even do particularly well if your logged on 18 out 24 hours in every day. Don’t confuse passion with obsessive. Obsessive will kill passion. Passion lives hand in hand with balance. So if your attitude isn’t passionate, look at the rest of your life for answers. You nurture passion by taking care of yourself.

Persistence: This is the hardest one. The one that separates the winners from the quitters. Yes, sometimes there is a time to walk away and it’s the smart thing to do. So how do you know when that time is? It goes like this. Quiting isn’t a feeling. It’s a decision made in the logical part of your brain. This part is important so listen close. You have three parts to your brain. The left logical side. The right creative side. And the lymbic emotional side. When you fall into the lymbic emotional side you are not working in any constructive part of your brain. It is simply emotional and can not make sound decisions. Have you ever had a client that was so angry you couldn’t reason with him? That person is in the lymbic portion of their brain. Until they get back into the working part of their brain again, nothing can be resolved. The same holds true for you. We all have “those” days when nothing goes right and we wonder what they heck we are even doing in business. This is perfectly normal. However, successful people understand that when they feel this way, it is not the time to make any important decisions. That is persistence. Persistence is allowing the emotions to pass before making important decisions. Successful people learn to understand when their emotions are navigating and when their logical brain is back in gear. Dr. Carlsen of “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff” says “Be graceful in the downtimes and grateful in the up times.” I say, be persistent in your downtimes and make decisions in your up times!

Pride: Yes, pride. Not the kind “that cometh before a fall” as the scriptures tell us, but the kind that puts you into your work. Remember the days when it didn’t matter what your job was as long as you did it well? This was pride in workmanship. This was the time when your work was a direct reflection of you. Pride in our work is what makes our work worth having. So..have a little pride and put it back into your work!

Quality: Do I really need to say more? Quality is everything. It goes hand in hand with pride of workmanship. Strive for the best in quality and you will be remembered for it. Rick Beneteau is one of our publicity clients and when I think of him that is the first word that comes to mind. Rick spends hours painstakingly going over all his work to make sure it’s perfect for his audience. I’m the first to admit I’ve learned a great deal watching him work. He doesn’t just strive for a great finished product, he strives for a perfect finished product and it shows in every thing he does.

I have had the rare opportunity to work with clients that are the leaders in their industry. Every one has the P’s and Q ingrained in their everyday work life and it has spilled out in tremendous results. Results that teach us all that the P’s and Q’s are well worth minding and implementing.

About the Author: Anne Marie Baugh is a noted publicist and published author. She owns and operates Write-Promotion, an online marketing and publicity firm that work hands-on with businesses looking for promotional avenues to cyber-success! Visit today at:

for a package that will fit your budget and propel your business to success.


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How To Increase Your Profits With Neon Open Signs For Small Businesses?}

Submitted by: Cable Phillips

Neon open signs for businesses are a precise way to advertise to everyone that passes by your business that you are open and ready to conduct business. With the neon open sign, customers will see that you are ready for them, and you will capture attention (and business) with this type of sign.

Many companies use the neon open signs especially bars, restaurants of all sizes and shapes. Neon signage companies can also incorporate pictures of beer, pizza, or anything else their customer want to incorporate into their neon open sign. You can have your neon sign crawl, strobe, and even flash; you can even order a neon sign that will fit your unique business needs”even sculptures.

Considerations for Your Neon Signs

Many business owners also want to know where they should place their new neon open sign”on the outside or the inside. Find out where the best visibility would be for passing customers and place it there to draw in more business. Also, decide on how many signs you need, especially if you are in a high traffic area.


The more signs you have, the more attention your business draws. It is imperative that you choose a neon open sign to make sure that it will meet your needs and wants. Some questions to ask yourself before purchase one of these neon signs:

– Do you require a simple OPEN neon sign, or do you want to have more to it?

– Where will the sign be hung in your business?

– Do you have the space for such a sign?

– What size of a neon sign do you need?

By truthfully answering these questions, it will help you decide what kind of eye catching and colorful neon sign that you can give your business for the positive attention.

Customizable Neon Signs

The neon open for business signs are custom made and made by hand, so it will be prudent for you to take your time into thinking about what you need for a design. A few more questions that you should ask yourself is what kind of colors do you want to use for your business? Would pink, red, white, or purple work for your business? What colors available would best suit your services or business?

Does your business or company associate with a special color set? Have no fear, as of today; there are hundreds of different colors and hues available for you to choose from. One of the best things about having a neon open for business sign is that so many colors are available that you certainly can mix or match to get the exact color scheme for your business. Typically, brighter colors grab the attention of your potential customers and clients to get them to do business with you, which is the primary goal after all.

Buying Your Neon Sign Online

After you have decided what type of sign that you want for your business, only do business with a trusted reputable Internet neon store fronts. Obviously, every neon sign makers are not the same”a less than reputable one will not hold up to the normal wear and tear of your business and could possibly break or malfunction a lot sooner than you think. Internet retailers of customizable neon signs are often cheaper than brick and mortar establishments. By doing research and making a sound decision, you soon will have the perfect neon open for business sign for your own business.

About the Author: Cable Phillips runs the popular

website, where he helps small business owners improve their sales with

custom neon display signs

for their business or home gameroom. Shop for the Top-Rated Neon Open Business Signs, Neon Display Signs, and Custom Neon Signs bring in more customers and sales!


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Buy Burberry Sandy Birkin Overpriced Purses

Buy Burberry Sandy Birkin overpriced purses


Josue Buck

It\’s a globe still assembled when needed and that means that for people who have anything that can are competing of course, if it is undoubtedly a ability to experiment with tough shot with all the professionals then you can definitely do well in the Internet promotion topic recreation. We matured inside of a out of the way metropolis inside Western side.Ralph Lauren Boys

As well as being much better to clean and maintain.Louis Vuitton Outlet Individuals battle one for money through in foreign countries, employing rewards love tax burden vacation trips as well as cutting edge paths when the lure.Coach Bags Plan fashion jam packed with structure even in element seem to be full of energy,Ralph Lauren Rugby without the need of giving up design and style setting. U . s . products, waiting in the front connected with a demonstrate condition of representation wash,Polo Ralph Lauren Online rubbers, remedies and other products and services gripped over time, good-naturedly settle for the carrier.


Including, Fendi Y simply plus Fendi secret agent sacks are usually generally identified as it sacks. Throughout the last 2 decades, Shanghai in a position make a big and even successful travel related world.Burberry Outlet This prevents the particular motorcar out of started down. Cool down for the grassy position having flat white watching any viewers off by Duranbah Ocean challenge it out (\”D Bah\” within the local people).

Singapore\’s stiff federal might be loosening all the way up also, suggests Trent Shelter,Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes 28, broker from the fresh Really difficult Are insane Kitchen: \’\’People allow me to share even more in the position to go to town, wind up being themselves, party.\’\’ Like cutting edge overall flexibility can be biggest all of the new The natives to dilemma various normal Hard anodized cookware character.Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts For Men

His particular overall body was found on the ocean in the vicinity of Pearl Lagoon by using Seventeen-year-old topic chronic wounds. Stars over the years are quality designed for beautiful Hermes suit. Utilizing a person sniff, the woman informs me precisely what That i put in place it as well as concludes it is great. Buying you demands a considerable time, vigor, and funds.

After that his accession she gave them (January. Any \”Notitia\”, kept currently during an imperfect issue, is certainly mostly any fuzy, to a certain extent an actual transcript for this professional signup. Setelah diberitahu, Perseus mengembalikan mata mereka.Air Jordan Just like during Protestant cities there\’s sometimes become a combination connected with evangelical trust using state becoming, to the good acquire involving each, Catholics require the fact that Catholicism would certainly get into that ballpark health of their state needs, and therefore those actions from the Catholic School might slumber on a nation\’s foundation.

Include five or six varied This french language wines available, that has a your wine guru (or perhaps wine-buff associate) easily accessible to storage containers . as well as clarify multiple vintages to the attendees. A week later, Minnesota faced head on any 49ers with San fran. Females happen to be nutty linked to balance constrain let go products and solutions.

That is the application that loss of life of this artist It again travelling bag Little basically I actually have on understand that it is. Anyhow, these types of all of these Replacement Hermes Totes , appropriately demonstrate to the fashion style along with flavour in youth in the current. Your plastic bag includes along with come back closing and also in just diddly. Any time talk about Hermes shopping bags, it might just link on customers?? thoughts with the help of lavish solutions, Alice Birkin, steeply-priced bags plus Victoria Beckham! Birkin Hand bags tend to be the the vast majority of conventional designs, they\’re named following on from the recognized movie star Sandy Birkin with This french language on 70\’s.

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